I SPY: It's All About The Floors

Mar 18, 2015

Have you noticed the floors you've been walking on?  I've been walking around with my head down a lot lately!  I've become obsessed with floor tile designs.  Especially in NYC where every swanky hotel, bar and restaurant bathroom has some fab tile design.  It's gotten to the point that I need to take this obsession into my own home, so I can sit on the potty and admire my own floor!  HA.

Guess what?  La Casa Farah is getting a powder bathroom this summer!  YAY.  I'm so excited, because now I have reason to install one of these uber cool tile designs.

Photo Credit: www.journal-du-design.fr

Photo Credit: www.whowhatwear.com

Photo Credit: www.lonny.com

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Photo Credit: www.lonny.com

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Feeling the Miami vibe?  As much as I love the color tiles, I think I'm safer sticking with black and white bathrooms.  Timeless and will not be so personalized when it comes time to sell my house.  Gotta think long term.  Would hate for the future buyers to screech and not appreciate the effort I put into picking my tile...because man am I spending way too much time thinking about it!  SERIOUSLY.

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