I SPY: A Flirt

Mar 17, 2015

Ever buy something you know is not practical but is just fun?  Well after my post on reliable protective phone covers, I got side tracked and ended up with this flirt!  So typical.  HA.

Makes great entertainment for the kids too, huh?  Check out the rest of the Chiara Ferragni line.  They make the flirting eye in shoes and t-shirts too.  I think they're a great conversation piece.  Don't you?

Well I've just proven to you that I'm not the most clever!  Living dangerously for fun is not what I should be proud to preach.  HA.  However it's so many steps before I can acquire that new phone.  UGH.  I found out I have to go into a Apple store to claim my new phone.  I also need to back up my phone before I trade it in.  I don't want to back up a bunch of junk!  When the day comes it will force me to swipe through my thousands of  photos and clean up my act.  But for now I can find many more things on my list that beat that priority!

Ahhh...Obviously I'm not desperate enough for a brand new baby because I haven't gotten myself to make the time to act upon it.  I Spy: Miss Procrasinator?  YES!  What-evs!  Till then I'll just enjoy having fun, silly phone cases, and then when my phone cracks beyond belief I'll go back to being practical.  Fashion is painful.  I'll learn the hard way.

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