I SPY: Blue Apron

Mar 25, 2015

Have you ever done a meal in a box delivery service?  I've been hearing so much about Blue Apron in the past year, and I finally received a junk mail coupon to use towards my 1st two meals free as a 1st time customer.  WOOHOO…better then nothing!

I've decided to give it a shot.  It looks like a great weekly service, with everything you need in a box and a recipe to follow.  Saves me the time and hassle of grocery shopping and brainstorming what to cook in the daily mad rush….when I usually just end up thrown off and say F - it, and order take out!  I figure if I have everything there in my fridge (added plus everything you receive is already pre-measured) then half the battle is done, and it can't be that hard to whip it all together in a pot.  Their sample recipes have got me very excited.

Manhattan Style Fish Chowder

Chicken Mole

Cantonese Style Beef & Vegetable Stir Fry

Brown Butter & Buttersquash Gnochhi

Looks delish right?  I Just signed up for the family plan, 2 meals a week.  Oh my gosh why is it so cheap?  $8.74 a person!  UNBELIEVABLE.  I spend way more at the grocery store!  Well there you go it's also a SAVE.  Doesn't it sound like such a great plan?  Jump on the wagon if it's available in your hood.

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