I SPY: Avocado Toast

Mar 20, 2015

Is this being served on your breakfast table?  Avocado toast hasn't been on mine yet, but I see all the Instagram model-esque chickadees keep posting it in in their feed.  Am I missing out on something here?  YUP.  It's the latest IT food, and even being served at many brunch spots in NYC.  Why?  Avocados are high in protein, fibre and nutrients and can keep you satisfied for many hours.  OH!  So thats the secret to staying in shape.  I'm on this!

The basic version is essentially sliced or mashed avocado on multi grain toast, and sprinkle some S&P.  Sounds too blah?  Well here is inspiration if you want to add creative flair.

Photo Credit: www.atastylovestory.com

Photo Credit: www.blissfulbasil.com

Photo Credit: www.buzzfeed.com

Photo Credit: www.dishingupthedirt.com

Photo Credit: www.jamieoliver.com

Looks yummy right?  NOM NOM.  I can't wait for Sunday breakfast to serve my avocado sliced, with a runny sunny side up egg, drizzled with Siracha sauce, over my SEEDUCTION toast from Whole Foods.  Hope my boys dig it!  P.S. Love that bread.  Enjoy your weekend and go buy some avocados!!!

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