Mar 10, 2015


How does 14 hours daily at the spa times 5 days straight sound to you?  BLISS!  That's exactly what my girlfriend Ms. L and I recently experienced.  Arrived in Phoenix airport, picked up by Pat a lovely and insightful chauffeur.  Drove 2.5 hours on a scenic route to Sedona passing fields of cactus, checked into Enchantment Resort and never left the property for 5 days.  Guilty of becoming regular fixtures amongst staff and guests from hanging out at the resorts phenomenal Miiamo Spa 14 hours everyday, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Who does that?  US!

The mantra we lived by was Eat, Pray, Love.  A week away on a quest to become a warrior and not a worrier.  But we were also living it up for special reason to celebrate Ms. L's big birthday coming up.  I shall not reveal her age, and nor will you ever guess it.  She's got good Asian genes!  BLESSED.


When I made the reservations I had originally requested to stay at the Miiamo Spa.  It was unfortunately sold out for our dates since they only have a small number of rooms.  Our only other option was to stay on the Enchantment Resort property.  It really wasn't a big deal!  Our room was a 5 minute walk or quick golf cart ride to Miiamo Spa, and was probably better that we stayed outside the spa otherwise we would have never gotten out of our spa robes and put shoes on.  SERIOUSLY.

We shared a Junior suite.  The photos on their website make the room look a lot more spacious then what it actually is.  But it's not like we were ever in the room anyways except to sleep every night so it didn't matter!  Southwestern decor and finishings can't be compared to a luxury Four Seasons Resort aesthetic quality, however it was far from budget quality either.  Anyways the focus there is not on the rooms, it's what's outside the rooms that counts.

A sweet unexpected treat to start your day off right was to wake up every morning and find a bucket of iced OJ and the newspaper at your door step.

Enchantment Resort
525 Boynton Canyon Road
Sedona, AZ 86336
T: 1888. 250.1699


This is definitely a place to chill.  Geez, all we did was chill!  We signed up for the Journey Package for the whole duration of our stay.  It included breakfast, lunch and dinner at Miiamo Spa, full use of Miiamo spa facilities, free flow of classes and two treatments a day.  Yes two massages EVERYDAY! Setting is intimate, and well thought out where you really don't have to leave the building.  Classes are held in the gym and studio upstairs; meals served by pool or in the solo restaurant which had an outdoor patio; steam, sauna and jacuzzi hot tub were located in the locker rooms that conveniently lead directly to the stairway to heaven - the treatment rooms.  AHHH.

Just look at their extensive spa menu of treatments to select from and automatically DROOL.

Other then a basic swedish or deep tissue massage I tried a few other therapeutic treatments that were new to me.  My ut-most favorite three discoveries were Neuromuscular therapy (Deep massage and focus on main problem areas), Traditional Thai Massage (Done on the floor, in comfortable clothing where they manually stretch, knead and have you in different poses that automatically relieve tight areas), and Cranial Sacral (Very gentle non invasive bodywork that releases compression from the head down through the spine.)  You MUST try them when you go there!

Ms. L was more adventurous and daring then me.  She tried psychic treatments such as Harmony, Hypnosis and Past Life Regression.  I was worried that she would come out of those sessions an emotional wreck.  But not at all.  She loved it, felt great and at peace after each psychic treatment!  They even recorded her sessions for her to bring home and play back.  Pretty cool right?

I can't emphasize enough how wonderful ALL the therapist at Miiamo Spa are.  I'm a massage slut so I know what's a good massage!  Ms. L raves about her psychic therapists too.  Not one bad word.  Every one who laid hands on us was top notch, professional, and had physical therapy training experience.  If only I could have brought them home with me!  Truly amazing work they did on my body.  Knot free when I left.  Can you believe it?  Best feeling ever.  Trust me!

This is Miiamo's all inclusive activity list.  We did about 2-3 activities a day scheduled around our treatments.  Take advantage of it.  It was worthwhile and you can learn so much from their knowledgable and enlightening instructors.  Tried the ancient Chinese method of QiGong that is a new practice I would like to add to my list and continue at home.  The movement keeps you really supple, and focuses on balance.  Mainly chose to focus on the Vinyasa yoga and meditation activities.  Highly recommend the guided meditation in the crystal Grotto, a special circular room full of energy.  Also walk the labyrinth and feel the meditative effects.

Do not miss out on hiking the canyon or you'll regret it.  You can pay extra to go on a guided excursion which we did once.  Look out for natural heart shaped rocks along the trails.  They make great home decor souvenirs to bring back.  Otherwise a few steps away from the spas back door you can explore the back trails by yourself to visit the Kachina and Warrior spire, discover the Vortex zones, and get lost for hours.  I can't say that I was hit by the energy.  I'm not that intuitive.  However there was a definite sense of peace that you felt at the top of the canyon.  We hiked up there daily, because it never got old.  Such an amazing feeling to feel like King of the hill and to be surrounded by the beautiful red rock.  The color is intense and the natural beauty is overwhelming.  Love at first sight.

I need to emphasize the Miiamo pool not the Enchantment pool!  The spa pool is quiet and kid free if you want to chill.  Great place to zone out surrounded by 360 degree views of the red rock.  I was there any chance I got to catch some rays and defrost from our frigid NY temps.  By late morning into the afternoon the temperature was in the mid 70's and was warm enough to lounge in a bikini and swim.  The main pool is kept at a controlled refreshing temperature.  Adjacent to it is the steaming pool to get the benefits of hot and cold plunges.  Really NICE.


We decided to detox while we were there and take advantage of their chefs healthy meals, even though there was alcohol on the menu and red meat.  Ms. L caved and had a huge steak one night!  I have never had such yummy vegetarian food.  REALLY.  Creative recipes, full of taste and spice, made with fresh produce grown in their backyard, and artistic plate presentation made it all the more appetizing.

The killer was the complimentary homemade hummus and pita bread they served nightly.  Their black eye pea, artichoke and poblano pepper hummus was so delish you can't stop.  I've got to try and make it at home.  Main courses were portion controlled, so you can easily handle a appetizer and a main course.  They even had dessert and the winner was their warm chocolate cake that melted in your mouth, and next to best is their calamansi sorbet that was tart and refreshing.

Breakfast was also FAB.  They serve this to die for mixed berry parfait that is a mix of acai berry + peanut butter sauce, granola, strawberries, banana and blueberries.

Beware of becoming addicted to their smoothies.  Stole the list to copy when I got home so I don't have to think from scratch what to put in my smoothies.  Here you go.  Try them they're yummy concoctions.

What's nice about the Miiamo spa restaurant is that they change their menu everyday, so there's loads of variety.  Plus you can eat in your robe at the restaurant.  So much for wearing the nice dinner outfits we brought!  HA.


In the Miiamo spa gift shop you can rack up a bill!  Another reason you don't really need to leave the spa.  HA.  They have bags of trail mix that are really yummy and good to pack in your bag for when you go on a hike.  You will see inside all the treatment rooms pretty feather wands laid out on the massage table that are sold at the store.  I acquired one!  Also purchased the white sage leaves to bring home and every time I burn them in my house I'm reminded of Miiamo.  Ms. L purchased a bunch of skin care products there because she adored the effect they had on her skin after her facial.  Great thing is that they shipped it home for her so she didn't have to lug it home.  LOVE convenience.


 - Its desert weather.  Bring a jacket and fleece sweaters because temps drop low at night.  Don't try and be tough like me.  When packing I just couldn't imagine anything being colder then NY so I really didn't think it was necessary to pack for cold weather.  Boy was I wrong!

- Cell phone reception is limited.  Almost non existing!  Wi-fi isn't really that much better.  It's good because it forces you to shut down all electronics.

- If you need to make an outside call I found out that by using the guest phone in the spa lobby the operator will make the long distance call for you and it's free.  But if you call from your room there's a charge.  Not like we need to save pennies here, but something to note!

- As part of the package you get (1) 60 min & (1) 90 minute treatment per day.  If you select specialty treatments that exceed the limit of the cap you will only pay the difference.

- It's a little cheaper to stay in Enchantment rooms then Miiamo rooms.

- Benefit of staying on Enchantment resorts side instead of the Miiamo spa is you are not restricted to their 3, 4, or 7 night package program.  At Enchantment you have the flexibility to pick any amount of days and don't have to do the package everyday of your stay.

- If your on the Journey Package gratuity is already included in meals and treatments.  Adding tip to the bill you sign at restaurant will automatically be voided.  If you want to tip extra then you will need to tip in cash directly to server.

- It would be handy to bring some small bills to tip the golf cart driver in case your feeling lazy and jump on one.  We did every night.  Walking home after waking up after a treatment was the last thing we wanted to do at 10pm!

- Airport transportation was provided by the below.  Request for Pat.  She was wonderful!

Angel 1 Transportation
T: 928. 554 4459

Miiamo Spa is my REHAB.  You've got to go, and live it to believe it.  Definitely got spoilt to the max, which takes adjustment to realize your not waking up on a massage table anymore when you leave.  It was so-o-o hard to say goodbye and return home.  I'm still having withdrawal symptoms missing my HAPPY place.  I can't wait to hit REPEAT.

This is one of the destinations I want to plan yearly.  It's all part of wellness, essential to healthy living, and making sure decompression is part of your routine.  There were quite a few returning guests we met who do this retreat regularly.  I want to be one of them!  It was worth the splurge and every penny we invested.  I definitely urge you to hit refresh, surrender and GO!

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