I SPY: All You Can Eat

Mar 9, 2015

Ever been to Flushing in Queens?  Don't turn your nose up to the idea!  You should go because thats where you can find the best ethnic Asian food.  100% authentic, and so cheap in comparison to other joints in NYC.  Worth the trek if your a foodie.

Over the weekend we ventured out of the city, crossed bridges and ended up in Flushing, NY for dinner with friends at Spring.  It's an all you can eat Japanese Shabu - Shabu buffet style restaurant, with individual hot pots at each table where you cook by yourself and eat to your hearts content.  Spacious, clean restaurant, with an overflow of an extensive food selection from veggies, mushroom, tofu, fish cake, noodle and a sauce bar.  Meats and seafood is ordered a la carte.  Select what you like at your own whim.

Great for families, and if you want fast food.  Kids love to cook and keeps them well entertained.  Our only gripe - the table wasn't big enough to fit all our food plus elbow room!

Beware there is a food wasting surcharge and a 90 minute table time limit!  I got a kick out of catching that.  HA.

Our crew with VERY happy bellies!  Highly recommend it and look forward to returning and re-living the eating expedition soon.

136 - 20 38th Avenue
2/ Floor
Flushing, NY 11354
T: 718. 395.8076

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