I SPY: Fringe Benefits

Mar 31, 2015

Are you going for the fringe benefits this summer?  Festival season is around the corner, and I believe it is one of the major factors in making fringe a huge western come back.  I've always been a lover of fringe, because I was born a hippie!  But for those of you who are not naturally drawn to fringe, you may want to accessorize in small doses to be on par with fashion.

Here are some ways to introduce fringe into your wardrobe.  All from Zara.  Affordable and won't break the bank.  I got the belt!

I SPY: Greek Goddess

Mar 30, 2015

Is it time to get your wardrobe ready for summer?  I say YES!  This week I'm dedicating all my posts to key trends floating the boat in fashion.  All it takes is one piece to update your current wardrobe.  It won't cost a bomb to look current, so werk it!

How do you like the Greek style?  I'm sure you've seen it trending in magazines, stores and soon on the streets.  Aphrodite or aka gladiator sandals are the EVERYTHING this summer.  They come in all lengths and prices.  But I'm pretty sure it's not a style to last long, so don't bother spending a fortune.  However, if your feeling like a Greek goddess this summer flaunt this sexy sandal.  This is the STEAL from Zara.  Looks exactly like the Valentino's to me!  Don't it?

I got mine and wearing them NOW in Colombia!  Are you getting yours?  HURRY.  You know nothing lasts long at Zara!

I SPY: Packing Perfectly

Mar 27, 2015

What's the secret to packing perfectly and lightly?  People are always amazed that I pack so lightly.  Trust me, I didn't use to before having kids!  But now that they get priority of space and I limit the three of us to two pieces of luggage ONLY, in case we can't find a luggage cart, and so we can also fit in one taxi, I've had no choice but to learn to pack minimally.  Yes the kids have cramped my style!  HA.

We are off for Spring break on a new adventure!  So-o-o PSYCHED.

Before every trip I put on a mini runway show!  I try every outfit on and coordinate it down to the shoes and accessories for each day.  I typically have my daily itinerary planned out to make the most of every day in our new destination, so I have a good idea of what activities we will do, restaurant plans, etc. and can dress appropriately for each.  I admit it takes work and time, and I end up making a HUGE mess!

But it works.  I end up not over packing a bunch of shoes I won't wear.  That's usually my indulgence! Pre-planning also takes the stress out of thinking what to wear everyday when I get there, and keeps my suitcase organized.  The looks are already done.

Here you go.  Me in action!

Do you do the same?  Now you know what I do after the babies are in bed!  POSER.

I SPY: Smoky Eye

Mar 26, 2015

Do you know how to do a smoky eye?  The look has been growing on me, and I've been dying to try.  I went to Sephora last week and asked their makeup artist to teach me.  It turned out to be over a 10 step process, and over $200 worth of products and brushes.  Major TURN OFF.  Besides it was applied heavily and so NOT me.  When I came home with my make over the kids got scared when they saw me and said I looked like a vampire!  HA.

I'm not very good at makeup.  Actually I'm horrible at makeup!  I never learned to use brushes so always use my fingers to apply everything, and thats what has kept me limited in the art of makeup.  But I have found this 1 step product by Loreal that gives you the effect of a smoky eye.  Made for lame customers like me!  It's like a felt tip marker pen that you draw the line with, then use the tip of pen or your finger to smudge it out, or fill in and hey presto you've got an instant smoky eye.  BRILLIANT.

So you can go light as I've done…

Or you can build it up to get darker as shown in the ad…

Done it too light?  The way I've done my makeup probably doesn't look much to you, however considering I'm the girl famous for wearing white liner, switching to black eyeliner is drastic for me.  I need to work up to being comfortable to having a full smoky eye.  I prefer to keep it light and build it up over time to go for that night time drama.

Either way this is my choice of product for creating the smoky eye.  Try it!  It's so easy to use and comes in all different colors.  And it's cheap!  $9.99.  I'm considering to go back to CVS tomorrow to buy the brown because that would be softer and give a different effect.  Feel free to play!

I SPY: Blue Apron

Mar 25, 2015

Have you ever done a meal in a box delivery service?  I've been hearing so much about Blue Apron in the past year, and I finally received a junk mail coupon to use towards my 1st two meals free as a 1st time customer.  WOOHOO…better then nothing!

I've decided to give it a shot.  It looks like a great weekly service, with everything you need in a box and a recipe to follow.  Saves me the time and hassle of grocery shopping and brainstorming what to cook in the daily mad rush….when I usually just end up thrown off and say F - it, and order take out!  I figure if I have everything there in my fridge (added plus everything you receive is already pre-measured) then half the battle is done, and it can't be that hard to whip it all together in a pot.  Their sample recipes have got me very excited.

Manhattan Style Fish Chowder

Chicken Mole

Cantonese Style Beef & Vegetable Stir Fry

Brown Butter & Buttersquash Gnochhi

Looks delish right?  I Just signed up for the family plan, 2 meals a week.  Oh my gosh why is it so cheap?  $8.74 a person!  UNBELIEVABLE.  I spend way more at the grocery store!  Well there you go it's also a SAVE.  Doesn't it sound like such a great plan?  Jump on the wagon if it's available in your hood.

I SPY: A Good Read

Mar 24, 2015

What you reading?  I just picked up this book recommended by Cup of Jo.   Don't be thrown by the title.  It's not me trying to prepare to brave Alaska.  Well kind of... but in a different way!  HA.

Read it before?  It covers dating at different periods of your life.  We can all relate and thank God I'm not a teenager anymore!  How horrible was that period of your life?  I fear for my son who is soon approaching that phase.  *sigh*

The book so far has been a good read.  I've only read a few chapters but I'm already sucked in.  It's light, funny and Bridget Jones-y type humor.  Look forward to my time off next week to finish reading it.  Can't wait!

I SPY: Spring Training

Mar 23, 2015

Time to get that booty in shape?  Oh yes, HAPPY SPRING, summer is almost here, and time to strip down!  The only good thing about winter is you can hide behind your coat.  But then to stay warm I also wear a million layers, and end up looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy!  HA.

I'm at that point where I need CHANGE in my workout routine.  How about you?  It's currently feeling very blah.  Here are some motivators that look fun and I plan on trying out in the next few weeks.

Spinning in water.  Not like I need another factor to make spinning more difficult.  But solely because I'm just dying to get into a pool!

Photo Credit: www.vogue.com

I believe I can fly!  Reap the anti gravity benefits.  I use to hang in the air when I was pregnant!  My pilates teacher use to hang me upside down to relieve pressure off my back.  It worked, but that was stationary. This involves movement.  Watch me make a fool of myself!

Photo Credit: www.manondekoning.prosite.com

Wanna be a kid again?  Trampoline classes that will pump up the cardio.  Looks like an awesome dance party, doesn't it?

Photo Credit: www.jump-life.com

Something different right?  Not your usual cardio, spinning, or yoga class.  I like to be DIFFERENT!  Change is good.  Get your spring training on.  It's show time gals!

I SPY: Avocado Toast

Mar 20, 2015

Is this being served on your breakfast table?  Avocado toast hasn't been on mine yet, but I see all the Instagram model-esque chickadees keep posting it in in their feed.  Am I missing out on something here?  YUP.  It's the latest IT food, and even being served at many brunch spots in NYC.  Why?  Avocados are high in protein, fibre and nutrients and can keep you satisfied for many hours.  OH!  So thats the secret to staying in shape.  I'm on this!

The basic version is essentially sliced or mashed avocado on multi grain toast, and sprinkle some S&P.  Sounds too blah?  Well here is inspiration if you want to add creative flair.

Photo Credit: www.atastylovestory.com

Photo Credit: www.blissfulbasil.com

Photo Credit: www.buzzfeed.com

Photo Credit: www.dishingupthedirt.com

Photo Credit: www.jamieoliver.com

Looks yummy right?  NOM NOM.  I can't wait for Sunday breakfast to serve my avocado sliced, with a runny sunny side up egg, drizzled with Siracha sauce, over my SEEDUCTION toast from Whole Foods.  Hope my boys dig it!  P.S. Love that bread.  Enjoy your weekend and go buy some avocados!!!

I SPY: Island Ready

Mar 19, 2015

Are you ready to hit the beach?  I'm so-o-o over our long winter.  Believe it or not I saw a few flurries yesterday AM, and there is forecasted snow possibly on Friday.  KILL ME.  So much for the little warm up tease we had last week.

Well this girl is a dreamer and getting her closet island ready for her favorite season… SUMMER time.  Let's hit it!

Margarita anyone?  That's the mode it's putting me in!  The gold slides can be worn pool side.  The clutch is good to throw your primary necessities into your beach bag and pulled out later on the go.  The necklace can dress up any T or dress, and it's all about the tortoise shell sunglasses this season.  Best of all everything can be worn to the beach and versatile to dress up on a night out on the town too, paired with a denim jacket.  Boho chic.  Don't reserve it just for your beach vacay.  I'll be flashing these accessories around NYC too.  Watch me!

I SPY: It's All About The Floors

Mar 18, 2015

Have you noticed the floors you've been walking on?  I've been walking around with my head down a lot lately!  I've become obsessed with floor tile designs.  Especially in NYC where every swanky hotel, bar and restaurant bathroom has some fab tile design.  It's gotten to the point that I need to take this obsession into my own home, so I can sit on the potty and admire my own floor!  HA.

Guess what?  La Casa Farah is getting a powder bathroom this summer!  YAY.  I'm so excited, because now I have reason to install one of these uber cool tile designs.

Photo Credit: www.journal-du-design.fr

Photo Credit: www.whowhatwear.com

Photo Credit: www.lonny.com

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Photo Credit: www.lonny.com

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Feeling the Miami vibe?  As much as I love the color tiles, I think I'm safer sticking with black and white bathrooms.  Timeless and will not be so personalized when it comes time to sell my house.  Gotta think long term.  Would hate for the future buyers to screech and not appreciate the effort I put into picking my tile...because man am I spending way too much time thinking about it!  SERIOUSLY.

I SPY: A Flirt

Mar 17, 2015

Ever buy something you know is not practical but is just fun?  Well after my post on reliable protective phone covers, I got side tracked and ended up with this flirt!  So typical.  HA.

Makes great entertainment for the kids too, huh?  Check out the rest of the Chiara Ferragni line.  They make the flirting eye in shoes and t-shirts too.  I think they're a great conversation piece.  Don't you?

Well I've just proven to you that I'm not the most clever!  Living dangerously for fun is not what I should be proud to preach.  HA.  However it's so many steps before I can acquire that new phone.  UGH.  I found out I have to go into a Apple store to claim my new phone.  I also need to back up my phone before I trade it in.  I don't want to back up a bunch of junk!  When the day comes it will force me to swipe through my thousands of  photos and clean up my act.  But for now I can find many more things on my list that beat that priority!

Ahhh...Obviously I'm not desperate enough for a brand new baby because I haven't gotten myself to make the time to act upon it.  I Spy: Miss Procrasinator?  YES!  What-evs!  Till then I'll just enjoy having fun, silly phone cases, and then when my phone cracks beyond belief I'll go back to being practical.  Fashion is painful.  I'll learn the hard way.

I SPY: Global Swag

Mar 16, 2015

Want to travel but do not know where to start?  Check out Indagare.  They're a luxe travel agent and man they got global swag.  So POSH.  Right up my alley.  Browsing their site is giving me the serious travel bug.  This is dangerous!

Summer is around the corner and it's time to start planning our big trip of the year.  YAY.  I'm pretty good about researching hotels and restaurants, booking flights and planning out an itinerary.  But it takes time, and it can get overwhelming.  Are you one of those who gets frazzled by planning and in the end get discouraged to go?  Don't be.  Indagare can help you plan your vacation form A-Z and customize it to your interests and your rhythm of pace.  From the looks of their site they've been to many of the same GLAM destinations I have such as Blackberry FarmMiiamo, and Paws Up, so I know that they know what they're talking about and are experienced travelers.  If you like the finer things in life they can hit it on the spot.  But of course everything comes with a price tag!  You will have to become a member for a annual fee to have access to their team services and resources.

If that's not in your budget, then a starting point would be to look at their site, be inspired by their destinations and take notes from their cheat sheets on where to stay, restaurants, and activities they've provided for each hot spot.  That's what I'm doing tonight!

Off the bat - How about Berlin?  That's a city that's been on my list FOREVER.  Or Tulum?  That's another beauty I need to check out in Mexico.  Or Chile?  Dying to get to Easter Island and Patagonia, but it's so darn far away from one another!

Photo Credit: www.indagare.com

Photo Credit: www.indagare.com
Photo Credit: www.indagare.com
Been to any of these places?  If so, please do share details and experiences.  Otherwise you could also just wait for me to go, and then follow my list!  One day.  SOON.

I SPY: Thrifty Shopper

Mar 13, 2015

Are you a smart shopper?  I tend not to splurge on clothes unless it's a staple piece like a winter coat, a bag, or good shoes.  But with sneakers I just can't!  They are the rage, and every designer is carrying a pair.  They fluctuate vastly in price, even though they basically all look the same, and I can't say that designer sneakers are more comfortable then the cheaper versions.  So fashionistas the designer sneaks are not worth it, unless they have a special fabrication or fab detailing that screams luxe.  Otherwise be thrifty and save the hundreds of dollars for something else!

You know which ones I'm going with?  I'm cheap - I went with the ORIGINALS!  Addidas for $75.  Tried, tested and proven.  My last super star pair lasted for 8 years, but the red rock from Miiamo stained them.  My new clean pair are on the way!  YAY.  Happy Friday!!!

Adidas Originals sneaker
$75 net-a-porter.com

Yves Saint Laurent white shoes
$535 - net-a-porter.com

I SPY: Overalls

Mar 12, 2015

When was the last time you wore overalls?  Probably as a toddler, or back in the 90's?  Well this trend is officially back!  This blogger I discovered on Instagram @weworewhat is famous for rocking overalls and I'm TOTALLY inspired!

Photo Credit: www.weworewhat.com

Photo Credit: www.weworewhat.com

Photo Credit: www.weworewhat.com

Ready to rock them?  They are hot right now.  It's not much different to wearing jumpsuits or rompers that we've adjusted well to.  Just a different take on neckline, but essentially the same silhouette.  Don't be afraid to try!

I'm getting a pair.  Black first to be safe and not feel goofy!  These are the 3 styles I'm contemplating on.  Take it or leave it?

Jumpsuits romper

Norma Kamali jumpsuit


Mar 11, 2015

Are you questioning what #WCW stands for?  So was I!  Women Crush Wednesday.  It's a whole new lingo I'm learning on Instagram!  For you Instagram addicts I've discovered these ladies and I'm absolutely in LOVE with their fashion sense.  They make me want to shop way too much!  HA.  They're all from the same circle of friends, whom got style, live the good life (not in a obnoxious way), travel and have a mega following.  Here are the L.A gals…My #WCW

@SincerelyJules | http://sincerelyjules.com

@AnineBing | http://www.aninebing.com

@BettyAutier | http://www.leblogdebetty.com/en/

Heard of them?  Great muses!  Check them out and follow if you aren't already.  They will serve you with fabulous eye candy - PROMISE.
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