I SPY: Zoe Chicco

Feb 24, 2015

Does Zoe happen to be an automatic cool chicks name?  All the Zoe's I've run into in my life time ALL seem to be creative, edgy spirits.  Do you know of any bland and boring Zoe's?  Seriously, there isn't one Zoe I know who isn't a cool chick!  WEIRD right?  That was my reserved name if I ever had a girl, but now I'm thinking the pressure for that baby girl to live up to all the other amazing Zoe's in this world is high!  Well to add to the list here's another fab Zoe…ZOE CHICCO.

She is a jewelry designer based out of LA.  I just discovered her and I'm now obsessed with all her designs from rings to bangles!  I've been on a hunt for dainty stacking and midi rings for the last few months and finally her feminine ultra cool designs hit MY spot.

Photo Credit: www.zoechicco.com

Don't you LOVE her bling?  It's modern, sexy, but simplistic and I really dig the geometry.  Perfect for me since I don't change my jewelry daily.  Whatever I wear basically stays on my body from morning to night, gym to dinner, and these designs are versatile to work this way.  Ahh…I want that whole hand with the bling adorning it!  On the top of my wish list.  Geez, my birthday is just too far away!  HA.

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