I SPY: Taco Tuesday's

Feb 3, 2015

Whats cooking tonight?  In our house it's 'Taco Tuesdays'.  My kids are pros at making tacos, even though they sometimes come out looking like exploding burritos!  HA.  Either way it's a fun, interactive, DIY meal to whip up and serve, that is enjoyed by all ages.

The basics is to have tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream, wedges of lime, rice, and beans, on the side.  I generally buy everything already made at a place like Wholefoods, except make the rice and reheat a can of beans.  If I'm really pressed for time (like tonight!), or just plain LAZY (which I can also be!) I buy a roast chicken and just shred the meat.  Or in the past fish sticks or a can of tuna fish work great too!  Voila EASY peasy.

Otherwise it doesn't take much time to make Carne Asada tacos using all the same toppings as above.  Just switch out the chicken or fish for skirt steak which I marinate with S&P, a little olive oil, minced garlic, chopped parsley and a pinch of cayenne.  Then sear it on my skinny grill.  Another winner!

But like with everything you eventually get tired of eating the same things.  Don't you?  Well I do!  I can't stop Taco Tuesdays because the kids LOVE it.  But I sure can get adventurous and try different varieties.  Here are some other creative options I look forward to trying now that I've got my recipes researched.  Half the battle.  YAY!

Banh Mi Tacos minus the carbs…well less carbs!


Vegetarian Taco's…maybe I should do this for our Meatless Mondays?


Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa….That salsa is calling my name!  Pineapple salsa would be a good combo with jerk chicken too. Hmmmm.


Shrimp Tacos…simple and fresh!


Hungry?  I'm dying to try the Bahn Mi Tacos next week!  Feeling like I could use a Vietnamese kick.  Remember you can switch any of these up with hard shell tacos, replace red cabbage slaw instead of lettuce, experiment with other toppings like mango salsa with fish, kimchi to give some spice and crunch, or add chopped kale to your guacamole to make it healthy.  P.S. They make 'Kaleamole' already prepared at Wholefoods.  Really YUM.  Endless ideas.  Anything goes.  Dive in!

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