I SPY: Sushi Triangles

Feb 11, 2015

What do your kids LOVE to eat?  Mine are obsessed with sushi triangles.  They take them on the road, to school, and have them as snack anywhere and everywhere.  It's convenient, healthier then a bag of salted junk and fills their bellies.  I've been buying them weekly at our local Japanese supermarket.  But not anymore!  The guy at the cashier caught me the other day depleting their stash of sushi triangles.  HA.  He offered to show me how to make them.  YAY.  I'm going to share the secret with you!

This is what you need.  Sushi rice, filling such as meat, fish or veggies, individual wrapped seaweed and a triangle mould that I bought both at the Japanese supermarket.

Step 1:
Make Japanese sushi rice.  There is a difference!  It's a lot stickier then regular rice.  Follow package instructions.  Allow rice to cool.

Step 2:
Lay the seaweed wrapped in plastic flat on the table with the plastic partition/seam opening face up.  Do NOT remove the plastic!  Fill the triangle mould with rice.  Place mould on top of plastic covering seaweed as shown.

Step 3:
Add the goodies you want.  Anything works from cucumbers, eel, salmon, tuna fish, fried chicken, etc. I have made 3 variations.  Grilled Chicken, Shrimp Tempura and a creative vegetarian filling I just made up - Korean Bim Bim Bap.  If you don't know what that is, it's a Korean dish that mixes up a bunch of left overs with rice.  We had left over Bim Bim Bap ingredients from dinner the other night, so just added a fried egg and wrapped it up in seaweed.  It was YUM.

Step 4:
Place the other rice triangle on top of the one with the filling and smash it on top of the other one.

Step 5:
Fold the seaweed over the rice.  Fold the bottom to top first and then fold the sides in.  Tape it in place.

Easy right?  Not as complicated as I expected, and the more you make the better you get at perfecting the shape!

When you want to eat it follow the instructions on wrapper to unwrap it before eating.  Or the way we do it - open it up flat, remove the plastic wrapping from the sides carefully slipping it out from under the rice.  Then fold the seaweed around the sticky rice.

NOM NOM.  Enjoy!

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