I SPY: Sporty Spice

Feb 4, 2015

How you feeling?  It's mid week, and I'm feeling sluggish and out of sorts.  Is it because Mercury is in retrograde till February 11?  Or the snow + ice storm on Monday in NY that threw us off schedule?  Gotta blame something!  HA.

But who do I blame for my super casual attire of late?  It's been cold, and I've got dog walking duties in AM after kids drop off.  If I don't need to be in city I try to hit a workout class before running errands or meeting up for lunch.  Easiest - grab my spandex.  But then I end up wearing it all day.  How about you?

This use to be a big NO for me.  It made me feel before like I was staying in my PJ's all  day!  But times have changed.  It's the LOOK.

Photo Credit: thatfashionbiatch.tumblr.com

Photo Credit: thezoereport.com

Photo Credit: shoppublik.com

Photo Credit: refinery29.com

Photo Credit: shine.yahoo.com
Sloppy?  NOT.  It's cool to look like Sporty Spice.  Take advantage of the trend.  Athletic garb has gotten more fashion forward, sexier, made to layer, accessorize and sneakers more funkier then ever.  Learn to dress it up to go from gym to street.  Enjoy being comfortable before this luxury in Fashion changes.

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