I SPY: Pencils & Doughnuts

Feb 2, 2015

What age did your parents talk to you about sex?  I'm not sure I got a direct birds and the bees talk from my parents.  I think I learned more from friends and my older sister!  HA.  I remember having the book Where Did I Come From? lying around the house, and flipping through it with my siblings giggling.  Did you read that book back in your day too?  I think it was the only book of that sort out back then…were talking 30+ years ago.  I just googled the book and the images that pop up made me cringe!  Super dated.

I'm on this topic because my 5th grader is being lightly introduced to this in school.  It is part of their health curriculum.  Since Fall they've been discussing healthy eating, substance abuse, tobacco, alcohol and are ending with the growth and development section that touches on puberty.  I know this will lead to him coming home asking questions very soon about SEX, and I'm thinking how in the world I'm going to approach this.  God help me!

It's going to be awkward for both of us.  But I'm going to have to be the ADULT!  Even though last week I screwed up.  Don't judge me!  He came home from school and we were talking about his day, and he said 'I had health class, we talked about alcohol and next week we're going to be discussing pencils and doughnuts.'  It took me a few seconds to catch on to what he was referring to (penis and vaginas) and then I was on the floor dying with laughter, in shock and totally caught off guard.  How IMMATURE can I be?  HA.  It was funny!  Pencils and doughnuts - I'm still laughing!

His teacher has given us parents warning of the dates this talk is going to start - next week!  She also emailed us a copy of the true and false questionnaire thats going to be sent home with them for homework after the discussion.  Then they get an activity to interview a puberty survivor and a list of sample questions to ask.  I hope he chooses to interview his Dad not me!  HA.  Just in case I've got to get my answers ready.  I'm a little nervous of what other questions will derive from these.   I'm not the best example, and was no angel, but he doesn't need to know that!

Cup Of Jo has come to my rescue right on time.  Last week she did a post on this because her 4 year old was asking.  Seriously?!?  I'm glad mine were too busy at that age playing with Thomas the Trains and watching Yo Gabba Gabba instead of asking complex questions!

Well per her advise I've ordered the book It's Perfectly Normal to give my TWEEN.  Ugh, when did he get so big?!!  I also got this book for myself to read since this is a definite learning curve for me.  Funny enough, I wasn't one to read anything when I was pregnant or on how to raise young tots.  But look at me now... I'm pretty clueless how to approach this right!  This is where the real parenting STARTS.  Who said it gets easier as the kids get older?  I beg to differ!

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