I SPY: My Mantra

Feb 25, 2015

Do you have a mantra?  If there is one thing I learned most from retreating to Miiamo it is to have a mantra, keep repeating it and it will help you stay focused and get through whatever it may be.  The hour, day, week, or month.  My mantra when I was in Sedona was: Surrender | Peace | Goal | Warrior.  I was on a mission to completely chill there, and set out a goal to become a warrior not a worrier last week.  That I accomplished.

Now that I'm back home dealing with life, and back into the swing of things the unpredictable chaos of reality has sprung upon me again.  Inevitable right?  These quotes sum up my current mantra in a nut shell.

Do any of these apply to your goals?  It is actually meditative to repeat these quotes in times of stress.  Makes you remember what your working towards.  Keeps you grounded.  Try it to believe it, and remember to BREATHE.

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