I SPY: Dr. McDreamy

Feb 17, 2015

Who enjoys taking their kids in for shots?  If you had this Doctor you wouldn't have anxiety and neither your child.  Is this for real?  Watch it HERE.

Do you LOVE this Dr or what?  So funny when he starts throwing the tissues in the babies face to distract him!

I'm not against shots as so many are today.  We travel loads to foreign countries and I want my kids to have that immunity and resistance with no chance of developing any fatal cooties overseas.  But I admit it is not fun watching my babies getting tortured at the Doctors office, and I do procrastinate when needing to make an appointment for their annual check up.  But not if I had this Dr.  I wish I had a Dr McDreamy for my kids!  Heck, I wish I had a DrMcDreamy for myself!!!  HA.

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