I SPY: Camera Happy

Feb 23, 2015

Happy Monday?  I'm trying to make it be!  I'm back, and it was the trip from hell to get home Saturday night.  JFK mega airport delays, held hostage on runway for 3 hours and lost luggage.  NIGHTMARE.  Not a good way to end my relaxing trip.  How dare they!  Rude awakening to reality and that I'm not waking up on a massage table anymore!  BOO.

Lets get the cat out of the bag!  I've been away for the last week in Sedona, AZ.  Checked in to this haven and did not leave for the whole stay.  Surrendered to mother nature, found absolute peace and enjoyed bliss on crack for five days straight.  14 hours at the spa daily with breaks to hike the trails outside our back door.  That number was not a typo!  SERIOUSLY.  Ahh…Gosh I miss my REHAB.

Picture perfect?  YUP.  I showed up with three cameras!  My newbie this Instax Mini 90 polaroid camera.  Remember these?  It's so old school I know, but so fun to play with.  NOSTALGIC.  It produced some very artsy fartsy shots that I'm in LOVE with.

Between the three cameras I got over 300 shots.  I need to sift through and edit.  YIKES.  Yes, I got a little camera happy!  You'll see the best when I get around to writing about my journey at Miiamo.  For now you can play my polaroid Flipagram on Instagram @ispycandyblog.  A little tease that keeps taking me back to my happy place each time I hit repeat!

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