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Jan 21, 2015

Ever had to miss your work out class because something unplanned came up?  Plenty of times!  Well for those days you and I can now compensate at home with Chaise Fitness ReinventYOU video series.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of that link and you will see the four videos.  Each 15 minute interval works out a different area of the body.  It's free now for people to test out till the end of this month only.  Easy because besides the resistance band, no other props are needed, and would also be a great travel work out when away.  Packing a resistance band takes up no space, so no excuses!  I'm one to talk.  HA.

Photo Credit: www.chaisefitness.com

Heard of this?  I'm a fan of Chaise Fitness.  I discovered their studio last spring and I LOVE their method.  It's a mix of pilates, ballet, and cardio, including the bungee cords that really have strengthened my weak upper body.  It's not super hard core, but enough to work up a sweat, get toned, lengthened and feel great walking out.

If your in NYC go try a class.  Even better sign up for a class with either Lauren or her daughter Rachel, the co-founders.  The mother and daughter duo are full of energy and have a great vibe, not to mention great fashion sense!  In the videos they've down played they're wardrobe.  But otherwise they're typically seen head to toe in their creative, colorful, fun printed assembles, which always gets me admiring them even more.  May I add that Lauren is in her 50's, or as she says, close to 60!  WOW.  Do you see how amazing she looks?  That's inspiration and motivation right there to get chaise-ing.

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