I SPY: Shagadelic Baby

Jan 8, 2015

Shag coats...in or out?  They're definitely in NOW as the new fur, but are you in?  Here's some style inspiration to give you the feel of the look so you can pick a side.

Photo Credit: www.thefashionablybroke.com

Photo Credit: www.indiepunkgoddess.tumblr.com

Photo Credit: www.bymartina.se

Photo Credit: www.tumblr.com

Photo Credit: www.ohsoglam.com

Photo Credit: www.refinery29.com

So-o-o?  Yes it's a cross between looking like a Yeti or an Orangutan!  HA.  But I do LOVE it.  If you need one fashionista statement piece in your closet for the season this is it.  Quickest way to make a simple black dress have some EDGE, or to funk up your jeans and white t-shirt look.  It's a look on its own, so anything it's worn over should be kept real basic and classic to not compete.  Otherwise you risk looking like a drag queen!

Surprise, Surprise... I caved and bought one!  What?!!  It was calling my name in the window when I walked passed it!  This is IT a shaggy cardigan from Free People at a good deal.  On sale in stores now for $74.96.  Not listing sale price on the website though.  Call a location near you.

Do you dare?  It's soft, cuddly, and will bring the animal out in you.  As Austin Powers would say 'Shagadelic baby, YEAH!'  Or the head designer at my ex job would say… FIERCE!  HA.  Yeah I'm gonna be killin' it and the fur activists can't say jack.  For once!

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