I SPY: Purse Purge

Jan 23, 2015

Got shoulder and neck ache?  I recently saw a Orthopedic.  Nothing major, just mainly to get a prescription for weekly 'medical' massages that my insurance pays for! *WINK* Clever, huh?  HA.  More importantly the Dr. has explained that my chronic neck and shoulder tightness is partially due to all the crap I carry around unnecessarily in my handbag.  It's so-o-o TRUE.

Do you tote around similar stuff in your purse?  This is what I start out with on a good day and by the end of the day more junk ends up in there, sometimes with kid's electronic devices, gym clothes, small purchases, etc.  Lets just say I know how to pack a bag - to the brim!  HA.  I basically carry the whole house around with me daily, including the kids stuff (sketch books, crayons, snacks) and dogs stuff (treats and collapsible water bowl).  WHY? Because I'm always rushing out the door, and for so many years have been use to my diaper bag always being packed, ready to tackle any problem on the road.  Not necessary anymore.  Especially now that the kids are older, in school and half the time not even with me, and neither is Eddy!

Got to change bad habits.  I've been advised to have 2 bags pre-packed at all times and ready to go.  My tote bag when I have the kids and dog in tow, and a sling bag when I'm out on my own.  I've been able to minimize what I carry in a tiny sling bag to the bare essentials: cash, credit cards, ID, keys, phone, gum and a chapstick.  That's all I can squeeze in.  AMAZING I can survive the whole day with so little!  You can to!

I've got to admit in the past week from carrying less my shoulder and neck tension has become less throbbing at the end of the day.  My previous bag did weigh about 10 pounds.  Actually probably double that!  HA.  Obviously other bad daily habits such as the computer, poor posture, and not stretching still contributes to that areas problem.  But this is step #1.  Baby steps.  Try it.  Go PURGE your bag and feel the difference!

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