I SPY: Pays To Be Young

Jan 26, 2015

How was your weekend?  We woke up on Saturday morning to about 5 inches of snow.  PRETTY.  But honestly I was disappointed and wish we got more!  I was expecting to be snowed in the whole day.  Wanted good reason to not get out of my PJ's, chill, eat and be absolutely lazy.  No chance of that!  HA.  Our start to the day was only delayed by a couple of hours.

Once we got shoveled out, kids wanted to hit the park with friends to go sledding, followed by everyone coming back to ours and turning the house upside down.  FUN, but the next morning I woke up aching.  A sore reminder that I'm not that young anymore to be rolling down hills!  OUCH.

As the saying goes...Be careful of what you ask for right?  The next two days looks like a FRIGHT fest for us NY-er's.  Record breaking blizzard warning expected.  Definitely going to be locked up indoors.  We're ready!  Our fridge is still stocked to the max from last Saturday.  We were so excited to have a real 1st snow day, we got so well prepared for Saturday, but barely made a dent in our food supply over the weekend.  So all is good as long as we don't loose power.  If I don't post on the blog tomorrow then you know we're in TROUBLE.  Fingers crossed we ride out this storm safe and smoothly.  Worst case scenario we move into a hotel!  HA.

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