I SPY: Out Like A Lamb

Jan 28, 2015

How many babies in the North East area do you think will be named Juno this month?  I bet a bunch, after our so called SNOWPOCALYPSE!  I'm not sure I would name my child after a storm though.  That's karma right there if they've got a feisty personality!  However I do think Juno is a cute name.  What about you?

So our NYC stay-cation is over.  BOO.  Juno didn't hang around long enough to do the damage we were sitting on eggshells about!  C'mon girlfriend we were so-o-o ready for an EPIC snowstorm!  HA.  If she had continued to cause trouble all day yesterday as predicted then we would have been rewarded with another snow day... but also may have lost power.  We're better off that Juno went out like a lamb, and decided to move North to cause more havoc to those poor folks up in New England. We thankfully got LUCKY this time, and dodged the bullet.  

The travel ban in NYC was lifted at 8am on Tuesday, the sun came out, a few businesses started opening up before lunch time and the city started coming alive again.  That's the spirit of NYC!  Gave us reason to go out and have our last round of fun before heading home.

My lil' guy requested to go again and visit his new friends Peter Regli SNOW MONSTERS.  They are really cool, and I just found out they were installed three days ago.  Brand new!  The sculptures are up till March 13, 2015.  If your around go view it outside the Flatiron building on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue.  You can't miss it!

Here are other photos from our day of lazing around, grabbing designer coffee, making snow angels, fresh paw prints and snowball fights with a perfect back drop.  Yes, that is the Empire State Building in the background of the last photo!  PRETTY when the snow is fresh and clean, huh?

But at the end of the day the snow turned into slush and got really DIRTY.  Yuck!  Now I remember why I use to hate it when it snowed in the city, and how gross your shoes got.  Good ending to get me to return to greener and cleaner pastures - the burbs!  HA.

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