I SPY: Oh Snap

Jan 14, 2015

When at a sporting event do you ever face the dilemma if you should be taking videos or photos?  I try to do both on one device - my handy iPhone.  But it screws me up!  Instead of getting a good photo or awesome video footage I'm in the wrong mode every time.  I'm either not quick enough to capture a action shot or wishing I'd been in video mode to capture the stellar moment on video when my son did that head shot at soccer last weekend.

Got the same issue?  Problem solved!  I've discovered the Snap Still app.  HOORAY.

Photo Credit: isoetc.com

This little creation has just giving me one less headache from multi tasking!  Now I will ONLY take video at sport games, and can go back anytime and snap a still shot from footage if I need a photo.  Try it out.  Best way to get great action snap shots of your kids or have proof you did a flip on your snowboard.  We can make that look intentionally cool, of course!  HA.

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