I SPY: Miss Piggy's Detox

Jan 5, 2015

I'm BACK!!!  Happy 2015 y'all!  How was your holiday?  We were at this private ranch lost in the prairie land of Texas, witnessing amazing sunsets nightly.  Lucky me!

During the day we enjoyed blue skies and endless pasture.  The kids and Eddy were left loose to run freely together with their eight cousins.  Boy do they have endless energy!

I instead took the lazy route.  The most activity I did was lifting my fork and opening my mouth!  OINK.  Left Texas feeling like Miss Piggy!  HA.

But that always happens, because when your in Texas you got to eat.  Or rather I do.  That's how my family socializes.  Over food!  Home cooked soul food, BBQ, Tex Mex, and crawfish is always on the hit list.  Look how YUM our crawfish binge was.


Fried Oysters, Gumbo & Dirty Rice

Blue Fin Crab Hush Puppies

Definitely not light weights!  Each person had their own 3.5lb bucket of crawfish.  RELAX.  It's mainly shells!

After that meal we still had room so had to go push our limits and grab Shipley glazed HOT donuts on the way home.  They are my FAVE and so worth the guilty pleasure.  Only found in Texas.  Around since 1936.  A dozen donuts back then cost 5 cents.  Unbelievable eh?

Now that's only LUNCH.  If I showed you what we consumed in a day EVERYDAY it would probably gross you out.  Heck I grossed myself out over 10 days!

Time to DETOX.  Seriously!  That's my #1 New Years resolution on my quest to healthy living.  My goal is to detox at least every 6 months.  Reasonable right?

Today I started Metagenics Metabolic Detoxification program.  It's a 10 day plan that gradually cuts out all the crap in your diet - meat, dairy, eggs, wheat, sugar, coffee, alcohol etc.  Your left only eating veggies and the supplement shakes, and have to slowly introduce back the other food groups.  The program outline clearly lists what to do everyday, and gives a large list of foods you are allowed to eat, and sample recipes.  Makes it easy to follow.

Wish me luck surviving on rabbit food!  It's not extreme.  I can do this.  DETERMINED.  Want to join me on this program?  Order from here.

Cheers to a healthy New Year!

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