I SPY: Henry Date #3

Jan 29, 2015

Wondering what Henry my old friend is up to?  My eldest son thought about him when we were riding out the snow storm!  How THOUGHTFUL.  I've got to give Henry a call to see how he faired.  I did see him last week though.  He was well and had a good Christmas spent in Rhode Island with his niece and family.

I visited Henry last Friday just before the mini snow storm we had on Saturday.  Glad I did, because even though it wasn't a major storm and we all still got out and about just fine, the road conditions and side walk were not the best for a man like Henry to be attempting to set foot on.  Even I wiped out on black ice on the sidewalk walking Eddy.  OUCH.  Nice big black and blue bruise I got!  HA.

When I saw Henry I brought him over a good hearty meal.  He mentioned before he was hoping that I gave him rice the last time, because thats his FAVORITE.  Oops I didn't!  Felt bad I gave him pasta the last visit, so this time I made up for it.  I made him his and my lil' guys favorite RICE, beef short ribs, corn and broccoli.  Dessert we gave him flax seed cholesterol free muffins with walnuts and craisins hand made by my kids.  We're addicted to them!  Had to share the sweetness and also give him a healthier alternative to dessert or breakfast to balance out that cholesterol heavy meal.

On Friday I also took Henry out shopping to prep for what we thought was going to be a BIG snow day.  Another over hyped storm by the media!  We made a stop at the supermarket.  He's very independent, so not use to being baby sat and clearly said when we walked through the doors 'I'll meet you back here in one hour. '  Off he went…with his shopping list and his wad of coupons.  Reminds me of my Grandparents!

As we were driving home he asked if we could stop by his paper store to grab some reading material which was along the way.  He showed me the way and I realized this mans mind is still REALLY clear.  Not just because he was having visual images to work from.  But from talking more to Henry he was giving me directions off the top of his head to his Doctor, and what exit, which traffic light to turn right and left at, etc.  I can't even do that!  HA. I believe that these days our minds have become so LAZY with our navigators and smart phones.  I don't even remember telephone numbers, addresses, or road names anymore!  How horrible is that?

When we got back to his I helped him carry his groceries up the stairs to his house and put everything away.  We chatted a bit, and on the way out I couldn't help but notice this photo he gave me permission to snap.  It's stuck in my head.

Thats Henry and his late wife Alice!  He said this was in the 50's when he came back from the Korean war.  The photo is not that clear but do you see how dashing he looks?  With the pipe!  HA.  Loved the way they dressed back then.  So Smart!  Henry chuckled at my over enthusiasm, then started reminiscing about Alice.  At the end he said…'I still pine for her.  After all we met right out of high school'.  GULP.  My heart was bleeding!  BOO.  Thats true love.  Another stab is their wedding anniversary is Valentines Day.  Awww….

Besides that last downer, Henry and I had a lovely date and I'm HAPPY that I was able to give him some good company, and pre-stock his fridge before our snowy week.  Next date will be at Barnes and Noble.  That's where he's dying to go!

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