I SPY: A Freak Of Nature

Jan 6, 2015

What's one of the most memorable moments from the holidays?  Mine is this magician - JB Benn.  This is nothing like David Copperfield's kind of magic, nor a kiddy catered rabbit popping out of a hat show.  This is above and beyond magic!  As JB Benn says 'Seeing is Disbelieving', and thats just how he made us feel.  I saw him perform his endless card tricks at a Christmas party in Texas.  Flipping through photos of evidence on my phone of how he fooled us still has my mouth hanging wide open in amazement and thinking HOW in the world did he just do that!  This is too good not to share.

Meet JB BENN.  His style is up close and personal where he moves around a party and mingles at different tables with people surrounding him front, back and sides.  No way to hide any tricks up his sleeves or under a table.  Some of the freaky unexplainable things he did that left everyone with priceless facial expressions: He changed the time on my Uncle's watch, somehow got my Aunt's wedding band on his key chain, can change a US dollar into any currency you request, produced a real lime out of a flat envelope we all inspected, told us to pick a card which he didn't see, divide it in 2, then divide it again all in our head which ended up being 2.25.  He put down a '2' card which was close enough for us that he had guessed that, but to our further surprise told us to lift up the card and under the card was a quarter.  WTF?!?

But the true test was when he had a deck of cards, told us to pull out a card, and place it back where ever we felt like.  The cards were all mixed up some face up and some face down.

He said he will find the card we chose and all the other cards will be facing the same way now.  Then he snapped a photo with my iPhone camera, and showed us the cards.  Yes the card we selected the king of hearts card was correct, but the other cards were still all mixed up some face up and some face down when we saw it.  But then JB Benn said he didn't say it would be organized and all facing the same way 'here' (pointing at cards) and said check your phone!  Evidence on my phone showing that all the cards are facing the same way except our king of hearts, but in real life it looks totally different.  EEECK!  We all dispersed after that and couldn't handle being around him anymore.  He knocked our socks off!  HA.

Watch his YouTube videos to believe.  Or you could book him for a corporate event, wedding or anywhere it would be fun to blow people's minds.  Just wouldn't trust him in my own house because I'm scared things would start disappearing or worst… appearing!  The guy doesn't do shows, only private events.  Heck he probably can print money for himself daily so no need to work!  Just like he can print out his own embossed business card typed in his hand.  You got to ask him to do that for you if you ever meet him in person.  HILARIOUS.  Talk about talent that's beyond belief.  This man is AMAZEballs and great entertainment!!!

JB Benn
T: 917. 239.6780

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