I SPY: Denim Drive

Jan 9, 2015

What you doing this weekend?  Nothing special?  I have a project for you!  Go CLEAN out your closet!  Ugh, sounds like SUCH a chore right?  I've been procrastinating for the last 10 years too!  Problem is I haven't had a good push to spring clean, because haven't moved in 10 years.  That was one of the good things living in the city having limited closet space, and constantly having to clean out your closet to make room.  Or throwing out junk every time you had to pack up to move to another apartment…with *ahem* lower rent!  HA.  The perks of city living!

But it's got to be done NOW.  Two reasons.  I've decided that I'm building a walk in closet for myself this summer because I deserve it!  But the real urgency is JCrew is currently doing a denim drive till end of this month, where you donate a old pair of jeans and you get $20 to use towards a new pair of jeans.  So-o-o this is the perfect time to PURGE, and take advantage of this deal.  Who else would pay me to clean out my closet?!!

Photo Credit: Decorpad.com

Ok maybe not your whole closet because thats overwhelming to tackle all at once.  But how about JUST your jeans this weekend?  Mommy jeans, holy sunday jeans, jeans I can't squeeze into anymore…I'm sure you've got a pair if not more to chuck.  I know I do!  Since having babies jeans have become my uniform and I've got a whole closet of them.  But many of my jeans are so beaten in with holes in the wrong places, that it's time to REALLY buy new jeans.  Otherwise really pretty knickers for the world to see!  The latter may get me kicked out of my hood though!  HA.

I'll save my kids from embarrassment and take advantage of JCrew's denim drive that ends on January 31.  You should get moving and go gain the perks too!

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