I SPY: X'mas Around The World

Dec 15, 2014

Are you in full swing and ready for Christmas day to arrive?  If you saw us setting up our tree you know that we were early birds this year and way ahead of our time.  *AHEM* Like back in November!  I know I'm getting a lot of dagger eyes staring at me right now!  HA.  Not to make you feel bad and unorganized.  But I'm glad we got a head start.  We've had time to thoroughly enjoy all the activities and excitement related to the holidays, and now my kids just can't wait for December 24 to see what goodies Santa brought them, celebrated together with my greater extended family.

My eldest son just caught on that we open our presents on Dec 24 evening instead of Dec 25 morning like most families.  WHY?  Because we're special and Santa comes visit us first!  JOKE.  My parents started this tradition because my late grandmother Nan's birthday is on Dec 24.  Therefore, we use to always celebrate her birthday in conjunction with throwing a X'mas party.  This conversation led me to say that everyone has their own little twist on the holiday, and got me interested to Google how others celebrate Christmas around the world.  Yes I am the Queen of GOOGLE!

Photo Credit: www.allthingschristmas.com

Do you know how they celebrate X'mas in Serbia?  I just found out in this article.   I think my children would LOVE to follow Serbia's tradition!  That would be FUNNY.  I also like Italy's tradition of the broomstick.  My kids have always asked Santa when he has visited where is his sleigh and reindeers.  It would make life so much easier if he arrived on a broomstick and had it with him!  Don't have to feel guilty that we're lying on Christmas Day!  HA.

But the Netherlands tradition I just read about is what we will try and adopt for next year.  My grandmother was Dutch so it's part of our heritage.  Sinterklass is celebrated on December 5.  Sounds like good fun doesn't it?  Any practice you want to steal from across the globe to add more fun to your holiday traditions?  The more the merrier.  Let's be global citizens.  Tis the Season!

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