I SPY: Windows Unveiled

Dec 3, 2014

What do millions of tourist flock to NYC to see during the holidays?  One thing for sure - our amazing store holiday window displays.  It's been hush, hush, the windows have been blacked out for the last month and the design crew have been working hard behind the scenes.  Finally they've been unveiled in the last 2 weeks just in time for Thanksgiving last week.  Without fail they're always able to out do last years holiday windows, in fascinating ways that include LEDs, strobe lights, and music thats synchronized to the movement of the holiday displays.  It's a mega production.  TRAFFIC STOPPING.

Welcome to the vicinity of Fifth Avenue and our four major department stores in NYC who are best known for their eye catching windows.

'An Enchanted Experience' is the name of their theme.  Fairy Tales with a roaring 20's Art Deco twist.  Each window had a comical quote related to each different windows theme of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, and Snow White.  My favorite quote being 'Once upon a time in New York…Sleeping Beauty had trouble adjusting to the city that never sleeps'  I remember having the same problem when I moved to NYC.  But now all the honking and siren sounds is like the soothing ocean that rocks me to sleep!

Paying homage to 'The Arts' - Architecture, Literature, Photography, Theatre, Painting, Music, Dance, Sculpture and Film.  Each different kind of Art was represented in a window.  Jam packed with detail.  Could stand there for hours and just admire!

'Baz Dazzled' an array of metal sculptures.  True works of art.  Surprisingly no merchandise displayed in windows.  Just a sensory experience with arranged and choreographed music that sets the tone, mechanical movements and a live ice skating dancer in the ice cave.  Catch a performance that will win you over!

They took on a different approach.  An interactive experience where you interact through games with the window displays on social media.  It's fun, unique, and very clever.

Magical?  I think so.  Especially with the surrounding office buildings and trees decorated in fairy lights, the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Salvation Army volunteers caroling and dancing along street sidewalks.  It all makes you feel alive and gets you into the holiday spirit.  One of the many reasons I heart NYC!

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