I SPY: Thinking Outside The Box

Dec 8, 2014

Does your child need another toy?  NO!  I think most would agree with me that our children are spoilt enough and have plenty.  We have enough junk in this house to share with a village!  HA.

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I came across this article from Huffington Post last month.  I'm glad somebody is thinking along the same wave length as me!  I've been telling friends and family members this last year that an experience or outing with my child is more memorable and meaningful then a toy.  I know this because for my kids birthdays I don't give them what they know as a gift - TOYS.  My gift to them is their birthday party, and I usually take them out for an experience.  They've known this for years and they look forward to it because it's a memory they don't forget.  To give you an idea, we've done activities such as: Great Wolf Lodge water park, Medieval Times dinner and show,  and 360 All Stars theatre performance.

Is there a child your struggling to figure out what to get them for Christmas?  Remember your gift does not have to come in a box.  Think outside the box: movies, performance shows, sports game, circus, zoo, ice cream parlor, arcade, ice skating, or a special event happening in your town such as the Holiday Train Show in NYC.

This year I'm gifting a friends daughter to the American Girl cafe for tea. *SQUEAL*  I'm very excited myself!  I have no girls, it's been a while since I've done something as girly as that and I'm in for a treat!  It's going to be good quality time, and memorable for the little Princess and I.

Get thinking!  Who can you re-live your childhood with?  While toys are fun they are overrated. Experiences are just as fulfilling.  Plan a date with a child as your next gift.

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