I SPY: Put A String On It

Dec 5, 2014

Can you ever just have one handful of popcorn?  If so then I envy you!  How?!!  It's so ADDICTIVE.  For the 12 days of Xmas my boys received popcorn along with a sewing kit.  They were dumbfounded when they opened the gift!  FUNNY.  No movie night or sewing buttons over here.  For the 1st time we strung popcorn.  It was a new experience.  Tested our fine motor skills, and my eyesight for threading a needle.  But honestly more went into our belly then on the string! HA. Inevitable right?

Do you know why we decided to hang the popcorn string on our fireplace mantel instead of our tree?  EDDY!  Poor dog was eyeing it and can't be trusted.  

Go pop some popcorn and listen to Christmas carols this weekend.  Good ole' family fun.  Just a tip: It takes A LOT of popcorn to make one string, especially if your like us and eating a handful of popcorn for every popped kernel you thread along the way.  Or even worst - eating popcorn off the string like my lil' guy!  Estimate a bag of popcorn per yard. Also let the popcorn cool down before starting or it will fall apart.  Even better thread stale popcorn, then you won't be tempted to eat it.  I wish I had thought about that diet plan before!  Will save that after thought for next year...

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