I SPY: A Keeper

Dec 4, 2014

Having trouble remembering all you different passwords?  I'm struggling in this department!  For the life of me I can't remember all the different login passwords.  It was OK when I just had one password for all, but now it seems every site has a different requirement.  My passwords have been forced to change.  Some want a capital letter, a number, a special character. Technology is testing me, and my memory is shot!  I can bitch all day about this!  Anybody else have this problem?

If your in the same boat HELP is on the way!  I've been introduced to the Keeper app.  It keeps all your login info, passwords, and can even keep important image files like passport and drivers license.  It's a secure site, so you will be safe from hackers.

How convenient?  Now I only have ONE password to remember.  I can handle that!  YAY!  Next year when I'm doing X'mas shopping online I can do it in a breeze.  It was driving me crazy this last week every time I couldn't remember the password and had to wait for an email to reset password.  Waste of my time!  Wouldn't you like to save yourself the frustration and time too?  Get this app.  A definite keeper!

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