I SPY: A Deck Of Cards

Dec 17, 2014

What do you do with all the holiday cards you receive?  Mine are hanging on my back door.  Same place for the last few years.  BORING.  Nothing creative and I know not Martha Stewart worthy!  But the French door frame does the job, and I do LOVE having all the cards received on display.  The cards with photos are especially fun to keep looking at.  This is the only time of the year we ever receive anything of abundance really special in the mail, besides those ugly bills, so got to enjoy it!

Where are yours?  Piled up on your kitchen counter or dining table?  My friend doesn't know what to do with her deck of cards and asked me if I had any good suggestions.  I didn't.  Until I looked at Pinterest, and saw another light!  If your in the same shoes here are some creative ideas to play with:

Photo Credit: Fourcornersdesign.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: memoriesoncloverlane.com

Photo Credit: nineandsixteen.com

Photo Credit: Laurawinslowphotography.com

Photo Credit: lilsugar.com

After seeing these ideas I feel like I should put more effort into my card display.  I could totally hang the cards off the magnolia branches I already have standing in my living room.  Or that book idea is brilliant.  But NOT happening this year!  MAYBE next.  HA!

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