I SPY: Cheerio 2014

Dec 19, 2014

Are you staying home for the holidays?  We are jetting off today to see our family in Texas.  My kids are beyond excited to see their cousins, Eddy is going to have a ball running freely off leash again, and I'm looking forward to EATING some good home cooking and SLEEP!

Time to DISCONNECT and instead spend quality time with my family, with out the iPhone and lap top in constant tow.  I always do this when I go on vacation.  How about you?  It drives my friends and family nuts when I don't respond in a NY minute to a text or email.  Sorry!  But I'm on VACATION trying to absorb where I am, rejuvenate, and need to leave my worries and everyday life behind otherwise it isn't considered a break.  So-o-o that means no blogging for two weeks.

From mine to yours we wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Photo Credit: Rachel Hudgins

Will you miss my chatter?  HA.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder!  See you right back here on January 5th with loads to catch up on and new surprises.  Cheerio 2014!  Peace out Ladies and Gents.  Till 2015!

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