I SPY: The Big Selfie

Dec 11, 2014

Are photo booths considered so-o-o yesterday?  Friends of mine are throwing a holiday party and we were brainstorming ideas for party activities.  They turned their nose up to a photo booth, even though I think they're still super FUN if you've got the right goofy crowd, or these crazy kids!

But been there, done that?  OK.  So is this the new thing for the hard to please crowd - The Big Selfie?  We caught a guy last month on the streets of NYC renting out his Instagram board.  My kids saw it and being the natural POSERS they are had to do it for laughs.

Like?  You can rent this guys well made board for your next party.  Email:  thebigselfie@gmail.com Or you can try and make your own board following these directions.  Throw in some props for extra silliness and you've got an instant party activity that will have a line of people waiting to take the ever popular SELFIE.   If you need a further ice breaker pull out this game at the party and which ever card they pick they have to strike that pose for The Big Selfie.  The thought is already too hilarious for me to handle!  HA.  I look forward to seeing your selfies.  Send them my way please!

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