I SPY: 12 Days Of Xmas

Dec 1, 2014

What is the 12 days of X'mas?  I'm not sure myself!  But my lil' guy is addicted to reading and singing nightly this 12 days of Christmas in New York book.  It's a catchy tune, not the traditional song you know about turtle doves, hens and geese.  Instead it's related to all things you find in NYC - Statue of Liberty, hot dog stands, taxis, broadway, etc.

This has got me questioning when the 12 days is.  Totally CLUELESS.  How about you?  Do not fret, GOOGLE is here!  My guess was it's the 12 days before Christmas.  WRONG!  This site says its the 12 days from Christmas until the beginning of Epiphany on January 6.

Last year my older son was jealous of all his Jewish friends that celebrated Hanukkah and got a gift for 8 days straight.  HA.  The grass is always greener on the other side!  So when reading the 12 days of X'mas book with my boys I thought why not incorporate the Jewish practice and add it to our family tradition.  I think it will be a nice way of gearing up towards the holidays starting on December 1.  This is going against the true meaning I found on Google.  But WHAT - EV!  We're not highly religious, and celebrate Christmas more for tradition rather then religion.  So we're doing it OUR way, and kicking off the 12 days of Christmas today!  YIPEE.

I don't usually give gifts to my children.  Santa does!  A.K.A their Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and Friends.  *CRINGE* I'm spoiling them now!  Oh well it's Christmas!  Here is the list of what I've got lined up for them.  Mostly they both get the same gift on each day, otherwise you will see the variations.  Majority are $5 gifts, if not under $20.  Except the 1st gift which I spent more on ($35) because they both had it on their Christmas list.  No candy involved, mainly creative or interactive projects to do together around the table after dinner, and freedom to be silly.  Quality time as a FAMILY. Priceless.

Day 1:

Day 2:

To string Popcorn!

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:
My older son will get a cookbook, since he enjoys to cook with me.  My lil' master chef in training!

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 11:

Day 12:

Nice tradition to adopt?  I'm living vicariously through my children!  I think Christmas is all about the kids and watching their excitement and joy when opening gifts, and relishing in all the holiday festivities.  As adults we kind of loose the magic of Christmas don't we?  Sucks being an adult!  Watch and follow the kids around you.  Sponge off of their excitement and re-gain that Christmas spirit.

Thanks to our new tradition our tree is no longer empty underneath with all the 12 days of X'mas gifts piled up!  NOEL.  It's really beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  LOVE.

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