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Nov 7, 2014

Got MOM?  I came across these quotes on Pinterest all by Someecards that had me cracking up!  Life as a Mom is humorous when you stand back and look at it from the side line.  Not so funny when your in the midst of the battle squad.  HA!  Whether you want to or not certain obligations come automatically with your title as MOM in keeping your pip squeaks alive.  Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks…like 3 meals isn't enough?), Hygiene (bath time and diaper changes), Nurturing (hugs and kisses are the fun part.  Discipline, teaching and entertaining is the hard part).  Bottom line even when you don't feel like doing it, you don't have a choice - unless you have help.  Now do you understand why I take such long showers?  There is a reason.  PEACE & QUIET.  My kinda time out!

10 Mommy quotes that hit the nail on the head:

#1 Don't ever under estimate the job of a full time MOM.  I've played both sides.  I can admit that sometimes going to work is easier to leave the babysitter to deal with the daily nuisances of kids, while I deal with adults who have better listening skills, and can be left alone to work independently.

#2 Once a MOM you can say goodbye to your privacy.  I feel like I live in a fraternity house with all doors open!

#3 Every MOM feels this.  Do you know how many post it notes I have all over to help me remember?

#4 Without sleeping it can be easy for any MOM to loose track of the day of the week.  That's why I love summer, and having no set schedule to follow.  They miss a day of camp - ahhh big whoop!  They miss a day of school - the attendance office is calling home!!!

#5 Torture for most MOM's?  At the end of the day your tired, they're tired and there's no need for your child to make you feel like your playing the game 'Are you smarter then a 5th grader'.  Lucky You Tube and Google is around to help me re-learn my fractions and long division. And the Kindergarten projects involving cut outs, pasting, and creativity becomes a weekend event.  One more thing to add to the list!

#6 Kids definitely know how to push their MOM's buttons.  I could care a less if they knew how to clean up.  But that's a rare occasion.  Sometimes I think there is no point of cleaning up until the kids move off to college!

#7 Without fail.  Why oh why?  Every MOM can relate.

#8 Every MOM's nightmare.  Nap time is golden.  Until they decide it's not happening anymore.  Now when is Mama going to have time to take her own nap and possibly make a few important phone calls?  Just shoot me!

#9 When you've reached the brim a MOM needs a time out.  Guilty of this.  But keeps me sane!  What did MOM's do before the invention of electronics?

#10 Working 24/7 is not healthy.  Every MOM deserves to throw in the towel and have ME time. I'm not shy to say I check out weekly!

Can you relate?  Sometimes we just got to relax and accept the crazy.  No way around it.  That's all part of being a MOM!  Happy Friday!

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