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Nov 28, 2014

Are you crazy enough to camp out overnight to be first in line for BLACK FRIDAY specials?  No way Jose!  But definitely will take advantage of sales online.  Thats my saving grace.  What did we do before internet shopping?  Can't remember!

Do you have a long Christmas list?  I have a huge family, my list is endless, and the final bill can be outrageous!  So I would be STUPID not to save some bucks on Black Friday.  But I'm not penny pinching enough to fight the crowds, risk getting a black eye and freeze my butt off just to catch a sale.  Thats not my cup of tea.  However I'm sure the experience could be one to talk about forever, eh?  Just like when the 1st iPhone came out in summer 2007 I stood in line for 3 hours with my two year old son who thankfully napped majority of the wait time in his stroller.  The one and only time I've been so desperate for anything!  What can I say?  That was back in my younger days when I was crazier!  HA.

Here is a list of what I'll be clicking on from my safe haven hopefully for a bargain on Black Friday.

**Note to my family: Please STOP reading now so your gift is a surprise!

The most difficult person to shop for! I've got to go to ABC Carpet & Home to find her something unique.  Best store ever for home stuff.  REALLY!  But the website doesn't do the store justice.  Have to visit in person.  Along with her gift I'll include a food basket of healthy goodies.  First up my recent discovery Vegetable & Smoked Paprika Quinoa and Sofoo rice found at Wholefoods.  Delicious!

Another person who has everything he wants!  I just got one of these for myself, in hopes that I don't have to travel with my big camera anymore.  Pretty nifty I must say.  Clips onto your smartphone and turns it into a 30x zoom camera.  Total boy toy!  Does he have this already?  I'll need to investigate!

She loves everything in my closet!  So she's getting a pair of my favorite slip on sneakers I bought earlier in Fall.  

One loves to play chess.  This is a good looking set.  Otherwise I will check out Orvis since he is a big hunter.  My other bro hmmm…he is very much a Berluti snob.  An expensive fashionista!  All I can afford for him from there is a tie.  Along with a cheaper pair of socks.  But cashmere!  HA.  I like a man with a good sock.

My standard gift.  Boring but it's looked forward to yearly because they LOVE it.  Photo books and calendars including photos of my kids through out the year made by Shutterfly.

William Sonoma muffin pan with cover + cholesterol free flax seed muffin mix from Patisserie Salzberg a local bakery in my hood.  Tried and tested.  Especially yummy when you mix in craisins and walnuts.  Easy to make and I like the muffin pan with cover because you can leave muffins in there to store or transport.

Patisserie Salzburg
T: (914) 921. 4458

Girlfriends, Girl cousins, Teenage girls all need this!  Younique fiber lash mascara.  I've talked about this before.  It's a genius product.  I love it so much and believe in it so I became a presenter!

Remember how this once saved my life?  Everyone needs one for when your phone is running out of juice, which just seems to be happening all the time doesn't it?  Which of course never happens when your near a wall outlet!  This gadget should not be just reserved for guys on my list.  But since I'm limited to what I can buy for a guy and feel like I need to give something techy this is my #1 gift for all men this year!

Something for the home.  I've been seeing this Stendig bold calendar in many Swedish homes featured in editorial lately.  It's a statement piece.  I want one!

A difficult age to shop for right?  Sephora has a Benefits Cosmetics Advent Calendar.  Love this because it's the perfect mix of kiddie slash grown up!  Perfect gift for my tween nieces.

If they're into their music, iPhone and looking cool then a pair of headphones is the fashion accessory to have.  Beats are popular and come in a rainbow of colors.  Or Flips which my son wants, because he can plug it into his drum set to listen while he plays, but if he has an audience who wants to hear his drumming he can remove headphones, flip the ear piece and it becomes instant speakers.  Even I think this is cool!

KIDS age 4-10 years:
At this age they're usually into Lego.  The Lego advent calendar is awesome with a Star Wars boys set and a Friends girls set.  Both my boys have been doing this for the past few years.  A new set comes out every year so they look forward to it.  Only thing is that the advent calendars should be given early so they can start it before Christmas.  Otherwise any lego set would be welcomed left under the tree to be saved and opened on Christmas day.

KIDS age 3 and under:
I love Melissa & Doug wooden sound puzzles.  My kids loved playing with them especially the puzzles with sounds.  Good quality solid toys that hold up, and educational.  Also if they're into cooking this is an awesome sushi set, that my kids loved to play with and 10 years later still gets pulled out for imaginary play.  My niece is getting this along with a personalized chef costume!

Fika a Swedish coffee shop in NYC makes these amazing truffle balls.  ADDICTIVE!   My favorite flavors are salted caramel, goat cheese, pistachio.  Buy a box of 6, 12 or 24 online.  Otherwise have you heard of Royce Chocolate?  A japanese brand of chocolate that is DIVINE.  You know the Japanese do everything the best!  Try the Nama Chocolate or the Chocolate Potato Chips.  I purposely stay away from this store because it is so-o-o DANGEROUS!  Bring them to the next dinner your invited to and be a winner!

Sometimes a family gift makes life easier and more cost effective.  For families who've just had their #1 child I like to give Elf On The Shelf to start them off to a new tradition for the next holidays.  Last year I was gifting many Smore's kits, since during winter my boys and I love to sit around the table and do that.  This year I'm giving this.  They say it's Danish, I know it as Dutch Poffertjes!  Wherever it originates from they're super YUM, easy to make, and kids love them for breakfast.  Buy the mix too and include it with the pan, which makes a nice gift.  Board games are also good to keep the family engaged.  The new game I'm getting this year for a few families on my list is this act it out game for ages 8 and up that looks fun.  The simpler version for kids under 8 years is this where you use words to describe who you are instead of miming.  We have the younger version which my lil' guy definitely enjoys playing.  A good ice breaker for play dates too!

So thats my check list!  Ready to SHOP till you drop?  It's a chore, I know.  But I hope I've given you some ideas to start you off on the right foot.  Get moving!  Might as well tackle it now and check it off your list.  GOOD LUCK!

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