I SPY: Serial Podcast

Nov 26, 2014

Do you listen to Podcasts?  I'm a newbie at this new era of radio journalism.  Never had the desire to discover what all the PODCAST hype is about.  Until yesterday while walking Eddy my song playlist started to irritate me because it's the same ole' list on repeat.  Needs to be badly updated - project number I don't know when I have time!  Anyways in search for something on my iPhone while swiping away I saw the Podcast icon I've never dared to touch.  Clicked on it and immediately my life has changed!  SERIAL was the 1st Podcast on the list, so decided to start there and now I'm soooo addicted!  Is this a good thing?  HA.

Curious?  Plug in.  Join the addiction so we can chat about it!  All I want to do is listen to Serial and follow the story to find out how it unfolds.  The whole season is about one continuous mystery.  A true story.  Delivered weekly that you can subscribe to.  Started last month in October so I have some serial-ously catching up to do!  There is a reason why it's rated #1 most popular podcast in the USA.  You'll see!

Those of you traveling this Thanksgiving holiday weekend get hooked up.  It's great listening on the go - waiting in airports, stuck in traffic, at the gym, passing time and tuning kids out.  When ever.  Where ever.  Got iPhone?  Or computer?  Then you got Serial!


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