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Nov 10, 2014

What time is it?  BREAKFAST time.  Supposedly this is the most important meal of the day.  Do you eat breakfast?  I usually don't.  No time!  Besides the fact that I generally only like a HOT breakfast, and if that's not on the menu then I rather just skip the meal.  I'm accustomed to a hot breakfast because growing up in Singapore we frequently ate rice, noodles or soup for breakfast.

Photo Credit: www.oldchangkee.com/breakfast.htm

Your probably thinking that looks insane and more like lunch or dinner.  To me I'm drooling looking at those dishes!  YUM, I miss it.

Cereal is a foreign thing to me, and I also don't buy or serve it in my house unless it's an absolute emergency.  My kids generally like a hot breakfast too.  But one kid is Western and the other is Asian! Not sure how that happened.  HA!  However as a family we all enjoy a Western hot breakfast like eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits or waffles.  PHEW.  The one thing we can unanimously agree on!  But we can only do this on the weekends when we're not rushing to get out the door for school.

Otherwise my younger son the RICE boy eats left over dinner nooked in the microwave for breakfast everyday.  Such as beef, broccoli and rice or pasta!

My older one on school days eats a warm croissant, muffin or toast with honey and a fruit/veggie packed smoothie.

What do your kids eat?  NY Times wrote an interesting article what kids around the world eat for breakfast.  I found it interesting how every culture varies drastically.  Coffee for kids in Latin America?  No thank you!!!  My kids are already wired enough!  Question is which culture eats the healthiest breakfast?  Food for thought.

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