I SPY: Put a Bird On It

Nov 27, 2014

Snow day?  Yesterday we had our 1st winter sprinkle.  Rain that turned into SNOW and back into rain.  Unfortunately not enough snow for the kids to play in.  Bet roads were miserable and airport delays off the charts due to the poor weather.  Feel bad for the NY holiday travelers, but so typical of this time of year.  I hope they were hooked up to Serial for entertainment!!

Irregardless we were prepared for a indoor snow day.  Kids had the day off school, and we made the most of it, minus playing in snow.  Besides the usual board games, hot cocoa, family movies, non stop munching etc. I had the kids make lunch!  Of course in theme with THANKSGIVING.  Inspired by this blog.  Found where else?  My favorite - Pinterest!  HA.

Isn't my eldest sons Picasso inspired turkey clever?  I thought so!  Do you make pizza at home?  It's really easy if you buy the dough pre-made, and also makes a great unisex play date activity.  The lil' Princesses who occasionally come over to ours tend to not be enthralled in our huge star wars, gun and sword collection!  I don't blame them!  Hence why we usually end up making pizza or cupcakes before boredom sets in.  

One of our most memorable - Our Angry Bird Masterpiece!  Hello Throwback Thursday!  GOSH my lil' one was tiny! Awww. 

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  I'm thankful for all the great memories my kids have given to me.  From one bird to another HAPPY TURKEY DAY!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Gobble on!

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