I SPY: Oh X'mas Tree

Nov 11, 2014

When is it thought too early to put up your Christmas tree?  Well, I think we are well ahead of the game.  We put ours up over the weekend!  If the stores can have trees lit in their windows why can't we?  Sorry to shove Xmas in your face so soon.  HA!

I was told last year that I'm the Grinch that stole XMAS!  Since we're never home for Christmas and always with my family, where my Mom ALWAYS has a spectacular Xmas tree, I've never felt the need to have a tree at home.  However, my lil' guy attended Catholic pre-school and last year noticed that all his friends had a Christmas tree set up in their home, except us.  Poor baby!

Photo Credit: www.hellogiggles.com
Well, Ive changed that.  MERRY CHRISTMAS BOYS!  As promised I planned ahead to find a Xmas tree.  I debated between a real tree and a fake.  I love the smell of a fresh tree, but hate the needles dropping, and I would probably never remember to water it.  How horrible would that be if the tree died on me before the holidays?  I'm far from having a green thumb, so you laugh, but it's not that unlikely!  HA.  Fake trees I can't do even though there are many great looking fakes out there.  As long as I don't have to touch or assemble a fake tree it looks FAB.  But I can't bring myself to buy a faux pine tree.  My mother wouldn't approve!

To beat all odds I found a driftwood tree on Etsy.  Cool?  I thought so because it's unique and a sculpture piece on its own.  It's easy to assemble, each piece is numbered, and the kids get good practice at putting their numbers in order to put the puzzle together.

What's your preference - real or faux?  I never thought I would do fake but our twist on a Christmas tree fits our decor nicely, solves my dilemma, and most importantly makes my lil' Elf HAPPY.  Tomorrow you will see our tree decorated and lit.  Now I just got to find some Pine tree room spray to complete the picture!

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