I SPY: Let's Face It

Nov 3, 2014

It's November folks and this past weekend we had a cold snap!  How's the weather in your neck of the woods?  I spent the weekend changing out my kids closets.  They've been wearing shorts for most days up until now!  Can you believe it?  They see the sun and think it's HOT!  It's 43F are you kidding me?  They're nuts, and been driving me crazy every morning when I argue with them that its cold and they should put pants on.  Sorry boys the shorts have now been boxed away, it won't kill you to cover your legs!  We can now figure out how to look cool bundled up.

Photo Credit: AlexandAlexa.com
So lets face it winter is here!  I need to buy my kids new winter jackets, before the temps really drop.  I did some searching and found the below to be my best picks from: Alex and Alexa, Appaman, BurtonUniqlo.  Firstly, we need to be practical.  We live in the North East and last year was so-o-o COLD, I was hoping that menopause would hit me and give me a hot flash!  HA.  I wear a shearling coat, so the kids should at least wear a down jacket to be bullet proof.  Secondly, it's mandatory that they look like an OUTCAST!  I like them to wear bright colored or loud print coats.  Purely so I can spot them a mile away at the playground or in a crowd, and they don't blend in with every other Tom, Dick and Harry wearing black, navy or grey coats.  Makes life easier for me!

Which jacket would you pick?  I think I'm going with the first two Burton jackets.  They both meet my criteria, and it can be used to ski in to, so it's one jacket for all.  CHECK.  #Brrr I can't believe I'm gearing up for another winter they predict to be awful!  UGH.  God help us!

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