I SPY: Bling It On

Nov 12, 2014

What's a Christmas tree with out baubles?  Of course we had to add some BLING to our naked tree.  But being that we're a weird family our tree turned out non- traditional.  Not suprizing!  HA.  But we all had fun decorating it together, and getting into the spirit of CHRISTMAS a month early!  Double WEIRD!

Best was to find the little note my lil' guy left in the tree.

His note says:

Dear Santa,

I am M******.  Santa you are my favorite Pal!

Awww.  How sweet is that?  He sure knows how to kiss butt!  I'm sure many more notes will be found in the tree over the next month, and I can't wait to read them.  PRECIOUS.

LIKE my embellishments?  Details below.

SNOW OWLS: I got them from Bergdorf Goodman last year during season clearance for a steal.  They have similar items in store again.  However unless your desperate for them I would wait till after the holidays to purchase them so you don't spend a bomb.  At full price it does add up and becomes a small fortune!

FOLIAGE: Sequin and metallic leaves, feathers, and a crystal icicle branch all from AI Friedman

DOG BONE: Got to include the dog!  From Container Store

INITIALS: Midcentury deco style from West Elm

STAR GARLAND: Looks crafty and homemade but cute for a non-formal tree West Elm

SNOWFLAKES: Made from felt, and also available in red from West Elm

TRAVEL ORNAMENTS: Significant to where we have been in this world.  Russian Doll (Russia), Llama/ Camel (Egypt), Elephant (Africa) from Crate & Barrel

ELVIS JUKEBOX: Our cheesy memory of Tennessee with lights and music from CVS Pharmacy

DARTH VADER: Of course we have to have one Star Wars character!  From CVS Pharmacy

So far so good? The tree isn't 100% complete.  The bottom is still sparse and could use a few more ornaments.  However the tree holds a little piece of each one of us which makes its meaningful, and has become OUR tree which we can add on to yearly to tell our story.  I especially want to continue to add to our destination ornaments collection.  Would be nice to end up with ornaments from all the places we have been to in this world.  But no rush, because that will happen over many years.  So I'm guessing the kids will fill the tree first, with TACKY cheap ornaments they find over the next month.  Hopefully no more light up Elvis jukeboxes!  GRINGE.  Ahh got to let it go….it's their tree after all!

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