I SPY: Bathroom Break

Nov 19, 2014

Are home renovations ever hassle free?  I feel like something always goes wrong.  Either the project goes over schedule, over budget, you didn't order enough of something, or your waiting endlessly for a part.  Well finally our glass shower door arrived!  My kids bathroom is DONE.

LIKE?  My oldest has started collecting rubber ducks!  There was a girl in his class last year who had a collection of over 70+ ducks.  He is far away from out doing her!

Here are the vendors for the accessories.

Light Fixture:


Towel Hooks:


Vanity + Sink:


Shower Head + Faucet:




The bathroom needs some color right?  Whimsical artwork could add life.  I'm thinking a cluster of inspirational quotes, kid friendly images, typographics and patterns hung something along these lines.  YES?  One day.  That search is another project in itself!  For now I need to take a breather.  I'm just happy the bathroom is fully functional now.

Photo Credit: blog.uncovet.com

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