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Nov 25, 2014

When was the last time you were at the theatre?  Movie theaters don't count!  Every year I take my kids to see a live performance.  My attempts to instill some culture in them!  Last year we saw Spiderman Turn Off The Dark on Broadway.  Can't believe they shut down in NYC shortly after.  The year before we saw Gazillion Bubble Show.  Still going strong and highly recommend it for all ages.  This past weekend we caught 360 All Stars.

Photo Credit: http://judithwrightcentre.com/event/360_allstars

Heard about it?  It's a very cool show filled with so much TALENT run by a team of seven guys.  Not just reserved for kids!  How can you not be caught open mouth by a dude dribbling five basketballs, and who can spin two basketballs on top of each other on one finger?  Not all at the same time!  But still you try that!  Not easy tricks.  The bike tricks, breakdancing, and acrobats were equally just as over the top AMAZING.

Photo Credit: http://judithwrightcentre.com/event/360_allstars

Photo Credit: http://judithwrightcentre.com/event/360_allstars
Think a modern twist on circus tricks, dance, street arts and music.  High energy, interactive and funny.  All set to live music with a DJ that made the coolest beats and sound effects, and a drummer who could play keyboard and drum at the same time.  That takes some coordination, huh?!  My kids were in awe.  I know my eldest was eyeing the drummer and bike tricks.  My lil' guy couldn't refrain from bopping his head to the music through out the show, and of course he had to try breakdancing moves when he got home.  Almost had to bust out his helmet!

Catch it if you can.  Only in NYC till November 30.  Otherwise follow the tour here.  It may be coming to your town.  Just please remind the kids DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.  Dunno about yours - But mine are crazy enough to attempt!  HA.

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