I SPY: Twas' The Night Before Halloween

Oct 31, 2014

Are you ready for HALLOWEEN?  I think we are.  If not then we just have to deal with what we have because I can't run around anymore - I'm DONE!  Made my last run to the store to stock up on candy last night.  Only to find that the store's window displays have already switched to Christmas merchandise, and Halloween items are now on sale for 50% off.  GEEZ.  Halloween hasn't even passed and we're already expected to think of the next holiday?  RETAIL scams!

Back to my candy... there was hardly any candy left in store besides the candy with nuts.  My youngest has a peanut allergy, as do SO many kids these days, so it's safer in general to not hand out any candy with nuts to be sure nobody's life is accidentally jeopardized.  Pressed for time I didn't want to go to another store to buy nut free candy, so instead I bought a bunch of Halloween themed party favors that were on sale to hand out.

Masks & Straws

Pumpkin bubbles & Pencils with eraser tops

Pumpkin and Eyeball eggs with Tatoos and Stickers inside

Do you think the Trick or Treaters will care if it's not candy?  I doubt it.  They're kids and LOVE to just collect junk!  For my boys Trick or Treating is more about the event - getting dressed in costume, hanging out with friends, going door to door, collecting something, and coming home with a bucket full of something.  They're not really into the candy perse.  Luckily my boys don't have a sweet tooth, so after they eat a few pieces of candy the rest sits and becomes a midnight snack for MAMA who does a bag search for Bounty, Twix or Kit Kat!  Mmm... my childhood favorites!  After a week of indulging on the chocolate I like in their buckets I convince the boys that it's time to take their candy to their Dentist who buys back their candy $1 every 2 pounds.  The  Dentist sends the collected candy off to the troops overseas.  Last year my boys made $5 each from donating their candy.  They were able to buy a Lego guy with that.  Pretty SWEET deal!  

I'm actually digging this non-candy treats idea.  How about you?  Would save my kids the cavities, and sugar rush, and save me the calories!  HA.  Not to say that I want to be the Grinch who stole Halloween and stop candy all together.  They deserve something sweet but everything in moderation right?  Well we're going to test the reactions tonight.  Hope our house doesn't get egged tonight for being different!  Besides our 1 bucket of candy, the other 3 buckets are non-candy and I'm curious to see which of our buckets empty out first.  What's your guess?  I think the eggs are going to get snatched 1st.  That's what my eldest went for.  But then my youngest went for the masks.  Who knows!  Happy TRICK OR TREATING.

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