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Oct 20, 2014

Are you one?  After visiting Japan last summer there are only a few places I eat sushi at now!  Sushi of Gari is one of them.  Nothing new on the block.  Been coming for years, and consistency is always good, and fish is very FRESH.  You know you are eating good quality fish when there is no need to dredge it in soy sauce to mask the taste!

My brother and family were in town for the weekend.  Decided to take them here to enjoy some creative fare, and also because it has traditional Japanese fare on the menu like tempura, udon noodle soup and gyoza dumplings that the kids can enjoy eating too.

But the real speciality is the OMAKASE 'Chefs Tasting Menu'.  Order it!  It varies from day to day.  It is basically what ever the chef wants to serve you.  This is usually based on whats fresh and in season.  Sushi paired with a twist of innovation.  I like nice SURPRISES!  My favorite two regulars that are always served are the tuna with a dollop of tofu sauce and the salmon with a warm roasted tomato.  But there's not one I don't like!  The uni sea urchin special last night was super delish too.  MELTED in your mouth.  The adults around the table made such wonderful appetizing sounds when tasting it that enticed my older son to try uni for the first time.  It was a very undecided facial expression he made as he golloped the whole piece of uni sushi at one time.  HA!  Definitely an acquired taste but glad he was adventurous enough to try it.  That's MY BOY!

Save room for something sweet at the end!  This warm pancake filled with red bean paste served with a scoop of green tea ice cream was YUMMY.  And how cute that it was fish shaped?

The original location is on the Upper East Side, and now they've grown and have 3 other locations around Manhattan. We ate at the Upper West Side location which is more spacious and ideal for kids.  Wouldn't call it a kids restaurant because no strollers are allowed, no kids menu, and they don't have high chairs.  However it's casual enough for kids to tag along, service is generally pretty quick, and sound level is pretty noisy so no worries of kids disturbing your neighbors!  Not all the time you have to eat at kid friendly crayons and mac n' cheese restaurants right?  If your still worried, run your kids crazy at the National History Museum and Central Park that's across the restaurant to tire em' out first before getting seated! You'll love it.  GUARANTEED!  Reservations required.

Sushi Of Gari
370 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10024
T: (212) 362. 4816

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