I SPY: Say Aaahhhh

Oct 17, 2014

What's the current temperature?  103F.  In my house it's been scorching HOT!  Both my boys for the last few days have been running high temps.  One with Pneumonia and the other with unknown cooties of some sort!  UGH.  I'm so TIRED.  I want to hire a night nurse!

When all these germs eventually die (they better!); the constant visits to the Dr and saying Ahhh to check their throat and listen to their lungs stops…. I will be saying a different kind of AAAHHHH.  I'm bailing once the kiddos are back on track - or so I think!  Leaving them with their Dad to head off to REJUVENATE.  SLEEP.  DETOX.  HIKE.  YOGA.  RECHARGE.

Where?  THE RANCH at Live Oak.  Located in Malibu, CA.  Look at this place!  This is all I want right now.  PLEASE.  A week alone.  A place to catch up on much needed sleep, eat healthy, sleep early, wake up late, exercise, breathe, get pampered and have no cell phone.

Photo Credit: The Ranch at Live Oak

Does this not look like HEAVEN?  Perfect place for some true R&R.  My kind of RETREAT.  This is what I've been dreaming about for the past few days when I've been up at ungodly hours playing night nurse.  One day I'll make this happen!

The Ranch at Live Oak
T: 1888. 777. 2177

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