I SPY: An Old Friend

Oct 28, 2014

Made any new friend's lately?  Today I met HENRY.  A man in his late 80's, introduced to me by my friend Jen.  Not a hook up!  HA.  Just a very chirpy senior gentleman, with a lovely soul, who is widowed, has no kids, or family that live near by, and who needs a helping hand.

Since Hurricane Sandy in 2012 I try to make a conscious physical effort to give back to the community.  When I did relief work at Hurricane Sandy with a group of friends who joined forces it was heart warming to know that I was helping people in need, and to feel how grateful they were in return.  Then last year I received the same gratitude when I worked in a soup kitchen for X'mas and played Santa to the kids.  Not much to ask of me.  A day of my life to give up that makes a huge difference to someone else's life is priceless.  So this year my efforts will be given to Henry.

Jen accidentally met Henry last month in our hood when she was driving along and caught Henry on the side of the street exhausted.   He had walked from his house to the closest supermarket which is about 1.5 miles away, bought his groceries and attempted to walk home carrying 5 bags.  CRAZY?  Too far for an old chap!  Since then Jen has set up a Care Calendar and reached out to all her friends in our town to offer a lending hand to Henry to help provide a meal or give him a lift to somewhere when we can.  Us with kids are cooking a few times a week or ordering in food, so putting aside a meal for Henry one day is a no brainer.  Driving him to where he needs to go isn't a big deal either, since we live in a small town and are always in the car schlepping kids to different activities.  Just add him to the carpool!  Jen is the STAR for thinking of this plan, and creating the Care Calendar for Henry to provide help and meals 2x a week.  Good job JEN you are Henry's angel!  What a gem.

Today was our 1st visit with Henry but I'm sure there will be many more.  Probably monthly visits, and I want my kids to get involved to make it a great family experience.  Never too young to teach them to start taking care of their elders.  Good practice for when the day comes that I get to Henry's age.  My boys better not be sending me off to a nursing home!  HA.

We brought Henry a mini feast - double portions of everything!  Tonight's 'La Casa Farah' dinner menu: Osso Bucco Beef Shank Stew, Rice, Garlic Bread & Pumpkin Pie.  All homemade besides the pie.  We tend not to eat dessert in this house, unless for special occasions or guest are over.  Diet rule #1!  But I felt I should complete the meal by giving him a dessert.  So I bought him a Pumpkin pie from the store since it's in theme with Fall and Halloween this week.  We also threw in todays paper as reading material to keep him entertained and up to date on the Ebola news.  EASY.

Good idea?  As we soon approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's a perfect time of year to make it a time of GIVING and think of who you can help, not just in monetary ways.  This is a wonderful idea for anyone you know who needs a helping hand.  Whether it be your neighbor who is ill, had an accident, surgery, or recent death in family and needs some periodic help.  Or a nice gift to a new Mom who has just given birth.  Any new Mom knows how crazy the first few weeks are after giving birth, and finding time to even take a shower is difficult, let alone having to get dinner on the table!  Or as seen a great idea for a Senior citizen, like Henry.  If you know of anyone you want to help out Care Calendar makes it easy for everyone who wants to be involved to sign up, stay organized and on schedule.  Not difficult - You can be an ANGEL to!


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