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Oct 29, 2014

How do I make my eyelashes look VA VA VOOM?  Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.  A new miracle product on the market.  Featured on the TV show The Doctor.  They even think it looks good!

Easier to use then false eyelashes.  Cheaper and less hassle then getting eyelash extensions or a prescription for Latisse.  Instant results in 4 easy steps to looking FABULOUS:

1. A coat of your own regular mascara
2. A coat of Younique Transplanting Gel
3. A coat of Younique Fibers
4. Another coat of Younique Transplanting Gel

For $29 you will receive 2 Tubes in a black case, the Transplanting Gel and the Fibers.  The Fibers look like lint from the dryer!  But thats what adds thickness to your lashes to define them and make them pop.  The 1st coat of Transplanting Gel acts as a primer, and the 2nd coat seals the Fibers in.

Look at ME.  Tried and tested today at 8:00 AM.  Good Morning Farah!  An instant uplift to my au natural face.  YOUNIQUE lashes makes this 'not a morning' person look awake and fresh!  No need to hide behind dark sunglasses at kids school drop off today.  HA!

I took my new and improved eyelashes on a test drive!  Went to work out at a Barre class, ran errands, took a nap, cooked, dealt with kids - HA my non glamourous life!  But through all the hustle and sweat my EYELASHES held up all day.  No flaking and smudging, and easy to remove.  AMAZING stuff!

You must TRY it!  It's under $30 and would make a great X'mas gift.  Every girl on my list is getting a set this year!

Order from HERE:

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