I SPY: Got Your Back?

Oct 8, 2014

What back you say?  Your computer.  Last month I had a HEART ATTACK and was so mad at myself I couldn't even talk about it for fear of pulling the trigger!  I lost my laptop!  WHAT?  Yup, left it on the side of the street in NYC.  How STUPID?  I know…I know!  But thats what happens when your juggling your laptop under arm, carrying two bags, coffee and are walking the dog.  UGH.  Words can't express how MISERABLE I felt.  Just imagine Roy Lichtenstein 'Crying Girl' image coming to life when I got home and realized my lap top wasn't with me.  But pump up the drama 100x!

Roy Lichtenstein - Crying Girl

My laptop contained my life.  All the videos, photos, birthday letters and vacation photos of my kids & I from the past 3 years stored in there.  Precious.  Irreplaceable.  PRICELESS.  Never mind the value of the laptop.  It was the content saved in that laptop that could never be replaced.  And had I ever backed it up?  NOOOooooo!  Never in the 3+ years I had it. CRIKEY!

But guess what?  It was returned!  Untouched!  I couldn't believe it either!  There is a God and there are good people in this big city after all.  THANK YOU Nancy for responding the next day after I posted up my flyer around the block, and for returning my computer to me.  It was another dramatic moment on the streets of NYC when I met her, and saw it wasn't a hoax and that was my laptop she had…this time uncontrollable happy tears, hugging her, blowing kisses and telling an absolute stranger I loved her!  HA!  Another drama scene from a soap opera!  I felt alive again, and so relieved.  HAPPY.  So happy!

Roy Lichtenstein - Girl in Mirror

I've learned my lesson.  I've gone overboard now with protecting my laptop since I'm a walking disaster!  But better safe then sorry right?

1. Backed up my laptop on an external Seagate hard drive.  Inputed in my phone calendar to send me a reminder to back up my laptop once a month.  Not giving myself room to forget!

2. Signed up for iCloud I was surprised to find out when I lost my laptop that iCloud is not automatically set up on Apple computers.  You need to do it.  It's such a pain, and one extra step.  But make time for it and do it.  It's worth it.

3. Uploaded more key photos on Shutterfly.  I've always had some of my photos stored there because I make prints or order books as gifts.  It doesn't cost a penny to store your photos in an account on their site.  Nice thing about Shutterfly is if you ever loose your photos and need a back up you can order a CD of photos from them which serves as an immediate extra back up.

4. Invest in Drop Box.  An online storage company.  You never know what may happen at home.  Think in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, or earthquake, or fire would your laptop and back up drives be the 1st thing you run out of the house with?  Wouldn't be my priority - my kids, dog, wallet, passport and phone would be.  So drop box is another security catch.

OK, eyes on you now!  So when was the last time you backed up your computer and phone?  Be HONEST!  Probably too long ago to remember!  Go do it.  Make it a priority.  Learn from my mistake!  PLEASE.

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